No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0023

”Great, Jack White. Weren’t you very proud and said that you can pay the bill? Weren’t you the one who asked me to order whatever I want? You’re finally admitting that you have no money, right? Since you don’t have any money, why do you need to boast more than your abilities in order to impress us? Selena, look at this. Is this person really worthy of you marrying?”

Fiona was extremely angry at that moment. She pulled Andrew Taylor and said, “Go go go, let’s leave. Leave him here and see how he would settle this matter. Serves him right even if he gets killed. Why act rich when he does not have money?”

“Jack, you have really let us down!” Andrew was also extremely angry. “Just tell the truth if you don’t have money. We wouldn’t have been so embarrassed. You say that you have money when you don’t and want to treat us to a meal. How can we hand our daughter to such a person like you?”

“Jack, what’s going on? Is it true that you don’t have the money?” Selena took a deep exhale, looked at Jack and asked.

Jack smiled bitterly, passed the bill to Selena and said, “It’s not because I don’t have money, it’s because there’s really no way to pay such a bill and I won’t pay it!”

Selena looked at it with doubt written all over her face. After she looked, her facial expression suddenly darkened. Looking at the manager, she said, “Mister, what’s going on? We only spent around four hundred thousand, why is it over four million on the bill?”

“No way?” Fiona snatched the bill over. She looked at it in detail and then looked at the manager in front of them. “What’s wrong with this place? This is robbery! Isn’t this wine twenty thousand per bottle? Why is it billed as two hundred thousand per bottle? Did you make a mistake and added an additional zero?”

“I’m sorry. This is the correct price. It so happens that these twenty bottles of wine were transported over through airfreight so all the alcohol today has increased in price! You ordered twenty bottles and that is four million. Together with the pricing of the dishes, it is four million and eighty thousand. Isn’t that right?”

That manager laughed and said again, “I’m afraid that you cannot act dishonestly today even if you want to! You have to pay for the bill!”

“You… This is a scam! Your shop is cheating. It is stated twenty thousand for every bottle on the menu!” Selena was extremely angry. She just realized that she and the others have misunderstood Jack. It was not because of Jack not wanting to pay the bill, it was true that he should not pay such a bill.

“Yes, your shop is a total scam! A table of dishes like this would never cost four million plus!” Both Fiona and Andrew were also very angry as they had never met with such a case before.

It was no wonder why Jack did not have the money to pay the bill. How could he pay such an expensive bill?

“It seems like you can’t pay the bill, right?” The manager clapped his hands and about twenty people rushed out from the back of the restaurant in a sudden. All of them looked fierce.

Fiona, who was originally arguing with them, was frightened and lost her previous grandeur. She immediately said with a smile, “Hey…hey, handsome man, you must have remembered wrongly. We only made the order because we saw the price on the menu and it was indeed twenty thousand per bottle . If you don’t believe it, you can ask the waitress over there!”

“Come over, bring the menu and let them have a look!”

The manager waved his hand at the pretty waitress, the waitress quickly walked over with a menu and handed it to Fiona.

“Have a look, have a look. Isn’t it twenty thousand here?”

Fiona held the menu, and he immediately pointed at the price and said. “This lady, please look carefully. How many zeros are on it? It’s five zeros, not four. This is two hundred thousand per bottle!” the fat manager smiled coldly as he said this.

Fiona counted carefully as her face darkened. “Why, why is it five zeros? This is really two hundred thousand per bottle?”

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