No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0028

Smelling the delicate fragrance from Selena’s body, Micheal felt excited. He wanted so badly to immediately push Selena on the floor.

Selena smelled Michael, who was filled with the smell of alcohol and felt a wave of disgust. She immediately pushed the other party away hard, “Michael, I am telling you this, don’t overdo it!”

After Michael was pushed away, he still felt unsatisfied. After all these years, he had longed for this woman, Selena, for too long. It was a pity that he hadn’t even touched her hand once. Just a second before, he actually grabbed this woman’s waist. This made him felt like he was in a dream and he really did not want to wake up.

“Am I too much?” Wilson smiled and spread his hands, “Of course, after all, you are the woman that I like and I also respect you very much. So, you just need to pay the four million and eighty thousand to me for the meal and I will immediately let you go. However, if you can’t come up with the money, then you really can’t blame me for being too much!”

“I…” Selena’s facial expression immediately became extremely hard to look at. She had a dark expression on her face and said helplessly, “I… We don’t have money!”

“No money?” Michael smiled coldly, “Since you don’t have the money, then use your man’s life to pay the debt. By that time, your daughter would no longer have a father and your parents would be implicated. Sigh, my subordinated should not be trifled with!”

Seeing that Selena has a terrible look on her face, Michael still continued, “However, Selena, I really like you so much. How about this, I don’t want to make it difficult for you. As long as you accompany me out for a coffee tonight, chat together and then go for a movie, we can just forget this!”

“Just, drink coffee with you? Then watch a movie?” Selena bit her sexy red lips, frowned and she was a little worried in her heart. Although this Michael used to respect her very much, but, the matter tonight also made her understand that this guy was not so easy to deal with.

“If you want to do something more, that is also possible!” Michael smiled and then said again, “Actually, my thoughts are really simple. I have been pursuing you for so long and you have never promised me once to go on a date with me. I am really disappointed in my heart! I just want to go on a date with you once and feel the taste of love. You are not willing to agree to such a simple request?”

“But… But it’s so late now!” Selena was a little hesitant. If Michael only wanted a cup of coffee with her and he can waive this four million plus and allow them to leave safely, that would be great. Although she also felt that this Michael might not have such a simple idea, she had no other way now.

“What do you think? Selena, don’t worry, I really like you. Just have a cup of coffee with me and today’s bill would be waived. You don’t have to pay a penny, how about that?”

Seeing that Selena seemed to be moved, Michael was secretly delighted. This Ivan Taylor was really good, threatening Selena with this method was really effective. After all, Selena loved her daughter very much and was also a very filial woman. Threatening her with her parents and daughter would naturally succeed. The most important thing would be that he held the waist of Selena Taylor, the previously high and mighty girl, who would not even allow him to touch her once, just now. He was still nostalgic about the slender waist.

“How about another day? It’s past seven in the evening now!” Selena thought about it and finally said with a frown.

“How would that work? Choosing a day is not better than doing it now. I can’t let your parents go home another day, right?” Michael immediately straightened his face and then said, “How about this, if you are afraid that your husband will know. You can go home with them first then find an excuse to sneak out. Would that work? When you are ready to come out, give me a call a few minutes in advance and I will drive over to pick you up?”

“Well, I hope that you mean what you say. It’s still okay to have a cup of coffee together. AS for a movie, I’m afraid that it would be too late, so forget it!”

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