No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0029

A wry smile spread across Selena’s face. Although she felt helpless, she still nodded her head. It was because she knew very well that Jack would not have 4 million dollars. Jack, who worked as a soldier for several years, had become aggressive after constantly going to war. It would be disadvantageous if a fight broke out.

“Don’t worry. I’m Young Master Wilson, the Wilson family’s only Young Master who inherited the family business. When have I ever gone back on my words?” Michael spoke assuringly, immediately patting his chest.

Soon after, Selena opened the door and walked out. On the other side, Michael came to the door too. He spoke to the plump restaurant manager, “Ms. Selena is my friend and also an old acquaintance of mine. Forget the 4 million dollars. For my friend’s sake, it’s on me. Give it to them for free!”

“Then, those 18 bottles of red wine…” After thinking for a moment, the manager reminded him of it.

“Of course let them take them. You charged them for 20 bottles anyways, so it’s only natural for them to take the rest away if they’ve ordered it and couldn’t finish!” Michael immediately broke into a grin. Besides, the cost of the wine was only around 100 thousand dollars. Saying that it was 200 thousand per bottle was a trap set up to trick Selena.

“In that case, thank you very much, Young Master Wilson!” Selena smiled, then followed the manager and walked downstairs to the second floor.

“Why is she not back yet? Did something happen to her?” Joan, who was waiting downstairs, could not help but worry.

“It shouldn’t be possible. Although we were chased out, my daughter is still part of the Taylor family. I’m sure that the boss wouldn’t dare to cut her down? Judging by the way he spoke, it seemed like they knew each other before!” Fiona frowned before she comforted her.

“It’s been five minutes. I’ll go inside and have a look!” Jack looked at the time. Five minutes passed. Worried that Selena might be in danger, he immediately walked inside.

“Kid, you’re not allowed to go to the second floor without our boss’…” One man stepped forward and tried to stop Jack.

Bang! Unfortunately, Jack landed a kick on his chest the next second. Instantly, he was sent flying away. Bang! The man flew and crashed into a table, causing it to collapse. Blood spurted out from the man’s mouth. His complexion instantly turned white.

“Oh, this is unexpected. I wanted to come here for a meal but instead of serving guests, you guys are fighting behind closed doors!” Right at that moment, a bell-like voice sounded from across the room. Accompanied by a few bodyguards, a young, beautiful, and energetic lady walked inside.

The man stood up from the ground. He was about to send his men to fight against Jack but stopped immediately after laying eyes on the woman. “Drake-Second Miss Drake, why are you here?”

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