No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0030

The girl looked young and energetic. She donned a sexy miniskirt with a few braids flowing down her back. A tiny pair of dimples appeared on her cheeks as she pursed her lips slightly. Her pair of large and beautiful eyes appeared quite stunning. A girl that oozed such a youthful aura like her would definitely catch one’s attention.

“So this is the Drake family’s second daughter? You’re really a stunning little beauty. If you already look so pretty at such a young age, what will you become in two years’ time when you grow older?” Two men who were standing at the side could not help but gossip about her.

“Get out of the way!” Jack could not even be bothered by the Drake family’s second daughter as he roared at the people in front of him.

“Handsome guy, what’s the matter?”

Tanya Drake looked at Jack and was slightly taken aback. It seemed like this was the Jack guy whom her father had mentioned. She took another look at Jack and wondered what was so remarkable about him. She did not understand why her father wanted her and her brother to keep in touch and integrate themselves in his life. Yet, she did not have any other choice. She could only obey her father’s words. She believed that this person must be extraordinary if her father had said so.

“Wait a minute, Tanya. You’re James Drake’s daughter, the richest person in the Eastfield?” Fiona looked at the girl in front of her carefully and asked in surprise before Jack could even answer.

No wonder the girl gave off a noble presence. Moreover, fear spread across the thugs’ faces as soon as they saw her. It was obvious that the girl was no ordinary person.

“Yes, my name is Tanya Drake!” Tanya nodded her head and asked, “What’s the matter? It seems like this restaurant is nicely decorated and exudes a pleasant atmosphere. I was about to have my dinner here. Why are you guys fighting?”

“Oh, Tanya, this is what happened. We were here for dinner…” Fiona started complaining right away. “Aren’t these people just evil? The wine originally cost 20 thousand dollars per bottle but they changed it to 200 thousand dollars. They now want us to pay 4,080,000 dollars or they won’t let us go! My daughter is still inside debating with the boss. Jack was worried sick so he started a fight with these people!”

Upon hearing the story, a tinge of joy sparked in Tanya’s heart. How lucky was she as this was a great opportunity for her to make friends with Jack. Her brother could not come over as he was busy today and she happened to be nearby. After receiving her father’s call, she came over.
She did not expect to come across such an opportunity.

“Well, that’s way too much. This is definitely an unscrupulous shop!” Immediately, Tanya said angrily, “Don’t pay them. Why would someone pay such a shop?!”

“Who is that swearing and cursing out here?!” Right at that moment, the restaurant manager and Selena walked down from the second floor.

After hearing Tanya’s words, the manager scolded, “How dare you come and create trouble here? Do you have a death wish? Do you think you can leave without paying?” However, right after he finished speaking, he came eye to eye with Tanya who was standing there.

The manager gulped and said, “Tanya Drake, what brings you here?”

“Hah, you’re a wild one, aren’t you? Motherf*cker, I’ll wreck the place! I want to see how heedless and reckless you guys can be!”

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