No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0032

“No way. This guy wants to shake Miss Tanya’s hand? Isn’t he too overconfident?”

“That’s right. Does he even know who Miss Tanya is? He’s a live-in son-in-law and the reason why the Taylor family chased his wife’s family out of the house. Is a person like him in the position to shake Miss Tanya’s hand?” A few thugs standing behind the restaurant started to quietly gossip.

An ordinary person would not hear them as their voices were very soft. However, they were not aware that Jack had clearly heard everything they said. Jack paid no attention to them. Smiling, he kept looking at Miss Tanya standing in front of him.

“You’re welcome! Nice to meet you, I’m Tanya Drake! I heard you’re also from the army, right? I admire people like you the most. I appreciate your contribution to our country! If it wasn’t for guys like you, we wouldn’t have won this time!” Miss Tanya stretched out her hand and shook Jack’s in front of the crowd.

It seemed like Miss Tanya did not often shake hands with the opposite sex. She looked slightly shy and embarrassed when she did so.
“To protect our country is what we, the people of Daxia, should do!” Jack laughed and said, “I did not expect Miss Tanya to be such a kind-hearted and helpful person! We’re now acquaintances. Feel free to contact me if you need any help!”

Selena thought for a moment and walked to the manager. Then, she said in a soft voice, “Tell Young Master Wilson that he didn’t give anything for free. We did not pay because Miss Tanya despises your behavior. Do you understand?”

The manager’s lip twitched and he awkwardly smiled. “Of course, of course, it’s all for Miss Tanya’s sake!”

“I’m glad you know that so I don’t owe him anything!” Selena said coldly, feeling a gush of relief.
Earlier when they were upstairs, she promised Michael she would grab a coffee and hang with him because she had no other choice and could only say yes. Although she knew that she might be in danger and it would be hard for her to escape, there was nothing she could do about it. She could only bite the bullet and do it for the sake of her family and Kylie’s safety. She could only pray that Michael just wanted to grab coffee with her. She did not expect Tanya, who was passing by for dinner, to take the initiative to help them. In the end, they did not have to pay. As such, she could take back what she had promised earlier and did not owe Michael anything anymore. The most important thing was that Tanya was the one who helped them out so Michael would not dare to bother them after that.

“Miss Tanya, thank you so much for your help. I will certainly repay your kindness if we have the chance to in the future!” Selena turned around and said to Tanya, “We’ll make a move first then!”

“Alright, take care and goodbye!”

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