No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0033

In the end, Miss Tanya watched as Jack and the others left.

“You people better learn your lesson. I’ll let you go for what happened today. If you keep bothering them for today’s matter, I’ll end you guys. I don’t care whether you’re a part of the Wilson’s family!” After Jack and the others left, Tanya gave them a warning before she and her people drove away.

“Tanya Drake is so exasperating! Why didn’t she come sooner or later, instead of right on time? She could’ve come even just a few minutes later or waited until Selena and the others left. Things wouldn’t have been such a mess then!” Looking at the damage done, they had definitely suffered a great loss. The manager was furious. He did not know that at that moment, Michael was feeling joyful in the private room.

“That’s great, Young Master Wilson. Your method really worked! Selena’s face turned pale when she heard 4,000,000 dollars. Jack does not have that much money. I bet he doesn’t even have 400,000 dollars! Selena didn’t have any other choice. Once I threatened her with her daughter and parents, she could only listen to me. She promised me she would come up with an excuse to go on a coffee date with me!” Michael was very excited. He immediately called Ivan to tell him his victory.

“Congratulations Young Master Wilson!” Ivan, who was on the other side of the phone, sneered. “Young Master Wilson, just do as I say. Secretly add some ‘ingredients’ to the coffee and by that time, you will have her under your foot. She might even become more proactive!”

“Yes, that’s great. This mother*cking Selena is worried about losing face and will not tell others about this. I know her very well. If she tells others about it, not only will she be humiliated, she’ll be a disgrace to her parents and the Taylor family!” Michael burst out in hearty laughter. He had waited for too long. He was finally going to get the cold goddess who had always ignored him. At the thought of Selena’s almost perfect face and body, as well as her bodily scent, Michael almost had a nosebleed.

However, thinking that this might be his only chance, his face darkened. “Young Master Taylor, your method will work. However, knowing Selena’s character, she won’t tell others about it but it’ll be impossible to ask her out for a second date!” Upon saying that, Michael was slightly angry. “I planned to marry her in the future. If that’s the case, I will have such a beautiful woman for my entire life. However, if what I mentioned just now happens, I’ll only be able to feel her once. I won’t have the chance to do so anymore. I cannot accept that!”

Ivan kept silent for a few moments before saying, “Young Master Wilson, I’ve always thought that you were just playing around with Selena. That you’d just throw her away after getting her, just like the other girls. I didn’t expect you to be that serious about her!”

“Of course I’m serious about her. Selena is the prettiest and most gentlest woman I’ve ever met. Moreover, she’s the most beautiful woman in Eastfield. I think only the Drake family’s second daughter can compete with her. Even then, Miss Tanya is not as charming as Selena. I like mature women like her!” Michael sighed as he talked. He was about to get Selena, but felt sorry for her at the same time. That was because he knew that Selena would hate him and refuse to marry him.

After thinking for a moment, Ivan on the other end, spoke up. “If you want to play with her a little bit longer, it’s certainly not impossible!”

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