No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0034

“Really?” Michael’s eyes brightened upon hearing that. His heart was filled with excitement.
He thought that he would only have one chance. Although it was only once, it was much better than not being able to get this goddess for a lifetime. Previously, he even hoped that there were no men in Selena’s family as she would be a widow if Jack died. Then sooner or later, she would be moved by his efforts and agree to be together with him. He did not expect Jack, who was a soldier, to come back alive. Since then, he felt that the possibility to be together with Selena was far too slim. Therefore, when Ivan told him his method, he agreed without much thought. After all, he had been waiting for that day for years.

“Of course it’s real but Young Master Wilson, about the profits on the project we’re working
on…” Ivan smiled coldly. He wanted to make a profit for the Taylor family’s business to flourish. He would be a major contributor if the Taylor family made money. By that time, he could secure his position and nobody could take away his right to become the Master’s successor. He did not care about the trauma Selena would go through. That woman had put herself through all that misery.

Old Master Taylor thought highly of Selena. Many people from the Taylor family felt that Selena had the chance to get a part of the Taylor family’s business. Who knew that she would give up on herself. She had it coming and consequently, that gave him a great opportunity.

“Don’t worry. In regard to profits, I’ll give you 10 more points. In that case, your profits will double. You can rest assured as there won’t be such a good price out there!” Michael laughed and said, “Young Master Taylor, please hurry up and tell me what I can do. I can no longer wait. My lady might already be home by now. She might text me and ask me to pick her up anytime soon!”

“The method is very easy. If you want her for the long-term, you must have something you can hold against her. Aren’t you bringing her to a hotel? Why not use your phone or something to capture a few videos? You can use them to threaten her in the future! If she refuses to go out on a date with you after that, you can threaten to upload the videos to the internet. Do you think Selena would dare to reject you then?” Ivan smirked. “In that case, wouldn’t Young Master Wilson have her all for yourself? Moreover, she won’t have any choice but to be at your beck and call. Jack might not even realize he’s being cuckolded!”

“this is interesting and exciting!” Michael laughed loudly. “Alright then, I’ll stop bothering you now. I have to get myself dressed and go on a date early. after all, every minute is precious!” Excited, Michael hung up. In the private room, he twisted his fat body around and struck a pose he assumed was cool. Then, he happily walked downstairs.

When he got down however, he was stunned to see the scene before him. “What happened? Who the f*ck wrecked up our shop? Does that person have a death wish?” Michael roared. He was angry.
“Young Master Wilson, I was about to report this matter to you but you already came down. Ah, such rotten luck!” Wearing a long face, the manager slapped his thigh and sat on a stool.

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