No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0036

“You would pay 400,000?” Fiona laughed coldly when she heard that. “ Just keep acting. Look at yourself, I highly doubt you’d have that much money.” Another thought struck her mind after she said that. She then said to Selena, “By the way, Selena, the Taylor family works in the construction material industry. You’ve worked for them all this while, but it’s too bad that you’re restricted from it now. You can’t even find a job. Many companies dare not hire you because they’re tied to Ivan!”

“You’re right. Ah, I have no other choice. Ivan already said that he will only leave me alone if I become a garbage collector! Otherwise, he’ll create a ruckus no matter where I work. That’s why no one dares offend him as they want to avoid trouble.” Selena sighed. “Now that Jack is back, our family will be better off if we’re both working!”

“That’s true. Although it might be tough, we won’t be so miserable right now if we find a job!” Fiona sighed.” That was why I was thinking about Miss Drake. Didn’t she give us her name card earlier? Since she’s so kind-hearted and likes to help others, why don’t we give her a call and see if she can help us find one? What do you think?”

“Mum, I don’t think that’s a good idea. We did not have any acquaintances with the Drake family before this. They helped us earlier and we have yet to repay them. How can we trouble them again? Moreover, Miss Drake gave us the name card and told us to find her if we need help simply out of courtesy. Are you actually thinking of troubling her?” Slightly embarrassed, Selena said that as she smiled bitterly.

“What’s wrong with that? Sometimes, you have to be more thick-skinned. Isn’t it better to have a proper job rather than to collect garbage? Besides, Kylie is going to kindergarten soon. If you don’t find a proper job, what will happen to us? Doesn’t your daughter have to study?” Fiona continued immediately. “I think that this might work. Didn’t you say that you want to repay Miss Drake? This would be a great opportunity. You can work in their company and help them make a profit by improving their performance rates. That’s a way of repayment, is it not?”

“That’s true!” Selena frowned and said, “It’s too late now. Give me the name card and I’ll check tomorrow if the job’s still available. Ivan won’t be able to do anything if I work with the Drake family. The Drake family do not care about his whims.”

“Yes, yes. That’s right!” Fiona nodded. “You might earn a better salary with a better job.”

Soon after, they arrived at their home. After putting the wine away, Fiona said to Jack, “Jack, this wine is very expensive. Selena’s father likes it a lot so you better not drink in secret, alright? You can drink it if you buy it from us. It’s 20 million per bottle!”

Selena’s face darkened when she heard that. “Mum, what are you talking about? He’s your son in-law and also a part of our family, what’s wrong with him drinking a bottle or two?”

“Who said anything about him being my son-in-law?” Fiona retorted, “Anyways, I will not accept him until he gives us 10 million worth of betrothal gifts on your grandfather’s birthday. It is only until he fulfills this promise with your grandfather and we can go back to the Taylor family that I’ll accept him!”

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