No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0039

Ivan, what’s the matter? It’s so early in the morning and you have everybody gathered here. Do you have something important to announce?” Theodore, the Taylor family’s head, asked in confusion as he looked at his son.

“I have good news for everybody. I received a big project this time. The crucial thing is that we’ve never worked on such an expensive project before. I estimate that we can earn at least 300 million dollars from this project.” Ivan smiled as he said that, wearing a proud look on his face.

He believed that Michael was a man of his words, so he could not hold back his excitement. Hands trembling, he gathered everyone and told them about it.

“That’s great, this must be a really big project!”

“That’s right. Young Master Ivan is such a competent man. He got us such a big project. Moreover, the profits are exceptionally high!”

A few relatives from the Taylor family gasped in admiration.

“Really? Did you sign the contract?” The Old Master Taylor was very happy as well after hearing the news. It would be a major profit. It had been quite some time since the Taylor family last received such a project and it was worth around 300 million dollars of profit. The Taylor family had to pay attention to this project.

“The contract draft is done. Young Master Wilson already agreed to the project. We made a deal on the phone!”

“Grandpa, I will meet him later and get the contract signed. Don’t worry, it’s already settled.” Ivan immediately patted his chest and reassured his grandfather.

However, he did not tell them about how that bum, Jack, was now being cuckolded. Selena might have even been crying under her sheets right now.

“Then hurry up and get the contract signed. Nothing is settled yet until the contract is signed, alright? One can change their mind very easily when it comes to verbal promises!” Extremely delighted, Old Master Taylor immediately reminded Ivan.

“Yes, yes. Hurry up. Let’s book a hotel and celebrate when you come back! Let’s have lunch together!” Theodore was even more excited. He felt very proud of his son finally achieving something. He had finally made money for the Taylor family.

“That’s great. It’s been quite a while since we last had dinner together.” The old master nodded his head and agreed. “Let’s make a reservation at a more luxurious hotel. What about the Dorsett Hotel?”

“Alright. Dorsett Hotel is a five-star hotel. It’s very impressive!” Theodore laughed heartily.

“By the way, grandpa, should we invite Selena and that bum? The more the merrier!” Ivan immediately proposed the idea when the thought came into his mind.

He wanted to see how Selena would force herself to smile after sleeping with Michael last night. Of course, he also wanted to show Selena that he was a competent man. Without Selena, he was still capable of helping the Taylor Group flourish!

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