No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0040

“You want to invite those bumpkins? Young Master Ivan, you’re trying to show off, right?” Unexpectedly, Cecilia stepped forward and exposed Ivan’s intentions.

Embarrassed, Ivan explained himself hurriedly, “What nonsense are you talking about? Am I such a person?” Ivan stopped for a moment before continuing, “After all, Selena is also part of the Taylor family. She is grandpa’s biological granddaughter. This is considered a big event for the Taylor family. Inviting her to such a grand celebration benefits us too. Otherwise, other influential people might call us stingy if they knew we didn’t invite her. Besides, it doesn’t cost much to invite a few more people, right?”

Satisfied, Old Master Taylor nodded his head. “Indeed, Ivan has grown up now. You’re more matured these days. You have to keep this mindset if you want to achieve great things in life! After all, it’s been five years and many have already forgotten about that incident. It wouldn’t hurt to invite them over for a meal!”

“Grandpa is absolutely correct. That was my intention. I want them to know that we’re very generous.” Ivan laughed. “Alright, grandpa. I’ll go get the contract signed now. You can book the reservation at the hotel in the meanwhile. We’ll have lunch at 12pm sharp. I’ll be ready to bring you the good news!”

“alright. You go ahead!” The old master laughed. Undertaking such a big project with a 300 million dollars profit was enough to prove Ivan’s ability. If Ivan could undertake more projects like this in the future, he would consider handing over the Taylor family’s business to Ivan.

Looking at the old master’s delighted face, Theodore was very happy as well. Finally, Ivan had made him proud for once. Although he was the head of the Taylor family, the old master never gave him any rights because he used to have a gambling addiction. There was this one time he had lost 10 million dollars in one night. Since then, the old master never trusted him. Five years ago, the old master thought highly of Selena’s talent of conducting business. He even wanted to pass down the family business to her. Theodore was slightly flustered by that thought. However, he never imagined Selena’s wayward behaviour would end up destroying her own bright future and benefit his son instead. Although his son liked to play around, he could finally heave a sigh of relief today. In spite of Ivan’s words, many family members of the Taylor family knew that Ivan wanted to invite Selena and her family over for lunch to show off his abilities.

The sun was shining brightly above a garden. Jack came back carrying a linen sack.

“Mum, you don’t have to go to work. I told you to just stay at home. I can take care of you!” Jack smiled as he talked to Joan.

“But my heart cannot be at peace if I don’t work. After all, we need money.” Joan smiled bitterly. It was tough sweeping the streets under the hot sun, but she could not find a better job as she got older. She suffered a lot over these past few years for the sake of supporting her family.

Suddenly, Jack put his hand into the sack and took out a bundle of cash. He handed her 50 thousand dollars. “Mum, I just went to pick up some money. Here is your pocket money. Do you feel more at peace now?”

Joan was shocked looking at the amount of money in her hands. “This is too much. Instead of giving it to me, you should give it to Selena so she can spend it on groceries. You need money when Kylie starts going to kindergarten too!”

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