No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0041

“This is for you, take it!” Jack laughed and shoved the money into Joan’s arms.

Fiona’s eyes lit up as she witnessed this. She walked over quickly and said, “You little brat, you’re only giving your mother money now that you have some? We’ve been taking care of your kids and suffering so much, how come you’re not giving any to us? You should give us some for all the money we’ve spent on your kids, shouldn’t you?”

Jenny the maid could not stand it anymore. She mumbled, “You haven’t been working for the past few years and don’t have any income. Kylie was basically raised by Miss and their income was earned from Miss going out and about to scavenge for her and Joan’s salary through her office job. You haven’t spent a cent, how dare you ask for compensation!”

After hearing that, Joan angrily said, “Hey, you stupid girl, what are you talking about? You’re just a maid, what does this have anything to do with you?”

“Mom, if you want the money, you can have it. However, you’ll have to acknowledge this son-in-law. Otherwise, why would he give you the money?” Selena walked over and rolled her eyes at her mother.

Fiona’s expression changed after hearing that. She said coldly, “It’s just a bit of money, it’s not like I’ve never come across such a sum before. You want me to acknowledge him for this bit of money? No way!”

Jack did not care about his mean mother-in-law. He passed the bag to Selena and said, “Take the money inside and spend it, there should be enough for groceries and to register Kylie for school. There should be enough for some time.”

“How, how much money is in here?” Selena lifted the heavy bag. She was stunned. Was this weight all from the cash in the bag?

Fiona was no longer calm. Before Jack could say anything, she walked over and grabbed the bag to pour out its contents.

Seeing the cash on the ground, Fiona inhaled sharply and asked, “This is a lot of money, how much is there?”

Jack laughed forcefully and said, “Not much, I withdrew a million dollars, gave my mom 50 thousand dollars for change, and there’s still 950 thousand dollars left!”

Fiona swallowed her saliva. She nearly cried. “950 thousand dollars, I haven’t seen this much money in so long! This is great, I don’t have to live frugally anymore now!”

“Mom, pick it up. That’s a lot of money. If someone else sees it, we’ll be in trouble!” Selena reminded her mother anxiously while silently breathing a sigh of relief. “This is great, Kylie can now study in a better kindergarten.”

“It seems like you’re not that useless after all. This should be the money you received from leaving the army, right? The government is pretty good to you after all for giving you a million dollars. Together with the money you gave Selena for clothes, it should be about 1.2 million dollars in total,” Fiona said while picking up the cash to put into the bag.

To her, Jack must have withdrawn everything he had to please them and have them acknowledge him as their son-in-law. He must have really wanted to impress her.

After being deep in thought, she said, “Jack, this 950 thousand dollars shall be the compensation for raising Kylie for the past five years. It’s your child after all, so you should be paying for her. Don’t you dare think that I will acknowledge you as our son-in-law for this money. I reiterate my point, if you can’t whip out 10 million dollars for dowry on Selena’s grandfather’s 70th birthday party, you still need to get out of the Taylors’ house. Understood?”

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