No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0044

“Yeah mom, where did the money come from?” Xena ran over and endearingly called Fiona “mom”.

Fiona was stunned for a moment before looking excited. “Girl, what did you call me? Didn’t you call me Aunty before this?”

Xena became shy and said in embarrassment, “Aunty, I’m sorry. I’ve been wanting to call you ‘mom’ for some time, but I was never brave enough to do so. I accidentally did what I’ve been wanting to do just now!”

“Hey, that’s great, girl. You should call me ‘mom’ and not ‘aunty’ then. Your dad and I like you, so just call me ‘mom’ from now on. You’ve been in a serious relationship with Ben and are going to get married someday anyway, aren’t you?” Fiona was so happy that the smile on her face was extremely bright.

“Mom, you haven’t told me, where did the money come from? Why is there so much money? Could it be that there’s a rich Master somewhere trying to marry my sister and giving this as dowry?” Ben asked excitedly. It seemed like he really wanted his sister to marry a rich guy so that his family would be able to live better again.

“No, it’s not dowry!” Fiona forced a smile before looking at Jack and said, “It’s Jack’s money for Kylie. There’s 950 thousand dollars here, he should be giving this amount!”

“He gave this?” Ben looked back at Jack with a peculiar gaze. “Could he really have withdrawn this much money? Does being a soldier pay this much?”

“You don’t know this, but I’ve heard that those who leave the army will get compensation. Those who spent a shorter time in the army could get about 100 to 200 thousand dollars so since Jack spent five years in the army, he should be getting more!”

“If this bastard could get a million dollars, I think he must’ve achieved meritorious service in the army. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to get this much!” Fiona smiled and lifted the heavy bag while saying, “This bastard is a bit compassionate after all. He brought some money back for us as compensation. If he died at war, we could’ve gotten nothing!”

Ben nodded. “Since he had the decency to bring money over, that’s alright of him. However, Jack, don’t you dare think that making me call you my brother-in-law is this easy!”

“The money is for Selena to buy groceries and register Kylie for school. Selena should be keeping this!” Jack said coldly while looking at Fiona’s grip on the bag of cash.

“You don’t need this much money for groceries and school, do you? Even if you’re looking at a fancy kindergarten, it should cost about 10 or 20 thousand dollars per semester, shouldn’t it?” Fiona said.

“How much does the best one cost?” Jack asked Selena.

“It must be about 50 thousand dollars, but that’s for a year!” Selena forced a smile and said, “Is it really necessary to go to such a good school?”

“Of course, Kylie must go to a better school!” Jack nodded and stared at Fiona. Jack’s gaze was threatening; even Fiona did not dare look straight at him.

“Fine, fine, here’s 100 thousand dollars for Kylie’s school fees and the living expenses for now. When you’re out of money, take some from me!”

“I’ll hold onto the money, otherwise, I won’t feel secure about it!” Fiona counted 100 thousand dollars and passed it to Selena. She was adamant on not handing over the other 850 thousand dollars.

“Mom, there’s still 850 thousand dollars and I’m out of money. Since there’s so much, you should give me some, shouldn’t you?”

“On top of that, Xena’s been dating me for so long but I’ve yet to buy her anything nice…” Ben said shamelessly.

“Fine, fine, here’s 50 thousand dollars. Go get a gift or something for Xena!”

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