No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0045

Fiona pulled out another 50 thousand dollars with a smile.

“Thanks mom!” Xena happily thanked Fiona.

Jack ignored them and approached Andrew. “Dad, I can cure your leg!”

“Can you really do that?” Of course, Andrew wished that his leg could recover. Now that Jack mentioned it, his cloudy eyes lit up.

“Are you exaggerating? Even the head of the orthopedic hospital took a look at my dad’s leg and said there was nothing he could do. How can you cure it?”

Ben walked over and said, “I remember you used to be a delivery boy before serving in the army. After being a soldier for five years, you now know how to cure someone? Could it be that you joined the medical team to treat the wounded?”

“No wonder he made it out alive after spending five years on the battleground, he wasn’t a frontliner at all, he was just treating the wounded!” Xena crossed her arms in front of her chest and said sarcastically, “I thought he was a hero, but he was just backup, haha!”

Jack ignored the duo and said to Andrew, “Dad, don’t worry. You’re Selena’s father and that makes you my father as well. I’ll never harm you!” After hearing such earnest words, Andrew was visibly moved by Jack. It seemed like he wanted to give it a try.

“That might be untrue, you’ve put us through hell for five years. Five years. Just imagine the number of days and nights!” Fiona reminded Jack with a sarcastic tone, “If your medical skills aren’t up to par and end up completely ruining your dad’s leg, it’ll really be over for him!”

“Uh…” Andrew started hesitating. If Jack’s skills were not up to standard and made his leg worse, it would be over for him.

“Dad, I trust him, let him try it!” Selena advised Andrew.

“Fine, let’s try it. Since it’s already in this state, it can’t get any worse than this!” Andrew sat down on a stone-made stool next to him, rolled up his pants, and let Jack inspect his leg.

Jack took a look and felt Andrew’s leg before pulling out a small box with a long needle inside.

“Is pricking it with a silver needle sufficient? Wouldn’t I require medicine or something?” Seeing what was going on, Ben could not help but ask Jack.

“Could this pricking ruin my leg?” Andrew was a little worried.

“Don’t worry, this is acupuncture, a type of treatment in Chinese medicine. It’s magical. After this, I’ll massage your leg and dredge the blood vessels. You’ll be cured over a few days!” Jack smiled. He was confident. Although the Taylor family was always looking down on him and could not wait to kick him out of the family, Jack understood that he was the one who got Selena pregnant. Their family was chased out of the mansion and forced to stay in such a shabby place. He was responsible for it and if it was anyone else, they would blame Jack as well.

Moreover, they were all Selena’s family, so Jack did not want to ruin the relationship with them. After all, Andrew’s leg became what it was because of himself. He had been feeling guilty about it. Just as Jack was treating Andrew, Fiona got a call.

After hanging up the phone, she started jumping around in excitement. “Great, the Taylor family’s butler called. The old master asked us to go to the Dorsett Hotel for dinner with everyone! It’s for a celebration!”

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