No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0046

“Dorsett Hotel? The famous Dorsett Hotel in the city center? The five-star hotel where the minimum spend is 100 thousand dollars?” Xena asked excitedly after hearing about it.

“Of course it is, are there any other Dorsett Hotels around?” Fiona’s face was filled with pride. She lamented, “The old master has finally come to his senses and actually let us go over for lunch. He has never called us over for anything worth celebrating before this!”

“That’s great, it looks like Old Master Taylor is gradually accepting you guys!” Xena smiled excitedly before saying shyly, “Mom, can I follow you?”

Fiona was floating from being called ‘mom’. She nodded, “Of course you can, you’re my son’s girlfriend and my future daughter-in-law. You can definitely have lunch with us, don’t worry!”

“That’s great!” Fiona thought of something and said, “Right, it’s still early. Ben, bring Xena shopping, she’s showing up with you today!”

“Yes! Let’s go and shop!” Ben grabbed the 50 thousand dollars and left with Xena immediately.

“Mom, it’s not really a good idea to bring Xena along, is it?” After the duo left, Selena was silent for a moment before saying, “They’re still dating and have yet to get married, she’s not a part of our family yet!”

“What’s so bad about it? They’ve been together for two or three years already so isn’t it going to happen soon?” Fiona continued, “Did you not see how happy Xena was when she heard she could go to a five-star hotel? She’s even shopping for it. She’s got decent looks anyway, which would make us look better today. On top of that, won’t she join the family sooner if we start treating her like one?”

“Fine!” Selena knew that it was pointless to debate; her mother was not going to listen. Moreover, her mother did promise Xena that she could come today and based on her personality, Fiona would not change her mind.

“Done!” After performing the acupuncture, Jack began massaging Andrew’s leg. A faint, warm feeling flowed from Jack’s palm to Andrew’s leg and into his bones.

“It doesn’t hurt at all. I had lost all feeling in this part of my leg and the doctor did say that it would only get worse and I would be disabled. Who knew that I would feel something now!” Andrew felt something and his face was filled with excitement.

“Really? You’re able to feel something this soon?” Fiona crossed her arms in front of her chest and said in disbelief, “Is it just an illusion? How could that be possible? He’s just messing around and did not prescribe you anything. How could you be getting better?”

“This isn’t an illusion, is it? It’s quite obvious!” Andrew frowned. It was evident that he felt a bit unsure.

“Dad, don’t worry. You’ll feel more tomorrow and be cured in about a week.” Jack smiled and said so with confidence as he stood up.

“Really? If that’s the case then great!” Andrew’s eyes were lit up after hearing what Jack said. He had never been this excited before as he thought that he had lost his leg for good. He did not expect that Jack’s return would bring hope for him.

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