No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0047

“Young man, these are your words. If he doesn’t recover by then, you’ll have to get lost!” Fiona said as she grabbed Jack by his collar. She was a little excited as well.

“Mom, you’ll find out whether it works in two days!” Jack replied with a smile.

“Okay, we shall see!” After saying so, Fiona looked over at the cash-filled bag and took it back into the house to hide it.

As it approached noon, Ben returned with Xena and a few sets of clothes in tow. Xena seemed more beautiful than ever. Kylie was dressed in the clothes Jack got her yesterday. She seemed classier than before. After drying the clothes she put in the laundry yesterday, Selena put on a dress and her gorgeous appearance immediately outshined Xena.

“Sister, you’re beautiful and definitely worthy of the title as Eastfield’s most beautiful woman. Your child is already a few years old and your body still looks amazing. I couldn’t tell that you’re married!” Xena walked over and immediately started praising Selena.

“I’m no match for you young girls, you’re more energetic!” Selena said nonchalantly. She did not care much for Xena.

“Let’s go, let’s go, we can’t be late and let the old master wait for us. Otherwise, they’ll be unhappy!” Fiona took a look at the time and they were running late.

The group left and called for a cab. Soon after that, they arrived at the entrance of a huge hotel. The hotel was grand. Under the sunlight, it seemed extra shiny and classy.

“The people who eat here are rich and famous and we as the Taylor family rarely come here!” Andrew stood on the piazza outside the hotel and lamented. “It seems like the old master is not that angry at us anymore so let’s hope we get to return to the Taylor family, sigh!”

“We can. Dad, let’s go in?” Xena went over to hold Andrew and called him ‘dad’ endearingly. However, Jack realized Selena’s frown while watching this unfold.

Meanwhile in Michael’s mansion, Ivan ran over to him and excitedly asked, “Master Wilson, how was it? Were you relaxed last night?”

“Relaxed? Haha, of course I was!” Michael sneered and replied sarcastically. He was still pissed at what happened last night.

Not only did he not get any girl, on top of having his restaurant trashed last night, the image of a gentleman he had been keeping up in front of Selena was ruined. He would probably never get a chance with her again.

Ivan did not realize how angry Michael was at the moment. He continued saying with a smile, “Relaxed is great, relaxed is great. This cousin of mine has an amazing body so you must have taken a few photos of her, right? Just threaten her with them in the future and she’ll definitely come over. I’ve thought it out for you, give her some money every time and she’ll gradually give in to you one day and end up marrying you!”

“Look, this is the contract, let’s sign it. I got someone to draw up the new contract overnight according to our deal yesterday!”

Ivan passed the contract to Michael with a smile. Michael took a look at the contract, sneered, and tore it into pieces!

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