No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0049

“Yes, even the champagne is out. The old master has gone all out this time paying a million dollars for each table, how lavish!”

“Ivan’s making his father proud this time. The profit from this project alone is 300 million dollars. It seems like this project is massive!”

The Taylor family were talking about Ivan while Theodore seemed satisfied.

At this very moment, the private room’s door opened. Fiona and Andrew walked in with Selena and the rest.

“Fiona, aren’t you a big-shot, making us all wait for you!” Just as they entered the room, a relative sneered and said that loudly.

Fiona smiled in embarrassment and said, “I couldn’t help it, it was a little jammed on the way here!”

Cecilia took a look at the Gucci Selena was dressed in and said, “Tsk, Selena, you’re shameless, aren’t you? You actually had the guts to wear this counterfeit item out of the house. If it was me, I wouldn’t even dare to wear it. How embarrassing. If someone catches that it’s counterfeit, wouldn’t that be horrible?”

Fiona could not stand what she was hearing. She walked over and said, “Cecilia, don’t you dare. This is real. Even though our family is a little poor, this is the real deal!”

“Really? You’re just a little poor, and yet, you’re still capable of buying something that costs 100 to 200 thousand dollars? Why do I find that hard to believe? This isn’t anything ordinary!”

Cecilia continued arguing. “If you could afford that, then we should be able to buy clothes that cost about one or two million, shouldn’t we?”

“Don’t you dare say we can’t afford it!” Fiona replied, ‘At the very least, Jack is a veteran who served the country for five years so of course, he came back with some money. Maybe you don’t know this, but those who serve for one or two years will get 100 or 200 thousand dollars in compensation. Since Jack was gone for five years and achieved meritorious service, it’s no problem for the government to compensate him with about a million dollars!”

Jack was embarrassed. Thankfully he did not withdraw more money today, otherwise, his mother-in-law would be putting him on a pedestal as high as the sky. If she knew that his card could get him 100 billion dollars through a password-free transaction, she might be shocked to death.

“He achieved meritorious service?” Cecilia scrunched her brows together and started to believe Fiona. After all, she did hear that the veterans who returned in the past two days came home with money. Some of them who achieved meritorious service, even minor ones, were awarded with a million dollars or so. It was possible.

“Of course!” Fiona replied right away but was a little hesitant about it. After all, Jack did not admit to it. However, for the sake of her reputation, she admitted it on Jack’s behalf.

“Really? Jack, what meritorious service did you achieve?” Old Master Taylor seemed interested in the conversation. He squinted and looked at Jack.

Everyone shifted their attention to Jack at this moment. They wanted to know what meritorious service he had achieved.

“Uh, I’ve achieved too many to remember. If I were to keep track of them, there must be at least one or two thousand awards!” Jack replied after briefly thinking about it.

The crowd felt ashamed for him. This brat was obviously lying. Was it that easy to achieve meritorious service? Other veterans would usually feel incredibly proud for achieving one, while this brat was boasting about one or two thousand awards as if it was as easy as cutting fruits and vegetables!

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