No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0051

Selena frowned as she walked forward to question.

“Yeah, is this a major event, father? You’ve prepared so much champagne too!” Andrew also had on a puzzled look. He truly could not understand why such a grand celebration was being held at noon!

“There is indeed something worth celebrating for. Ivan is going to sign a huge business deal and it happens to be a huge one. Ivan mentioned that its net profit would be 300 million dollars! This amount is close to the profits we make in a year!” The old master smiled and said bluntly.

“Yes indeed, our Ivan has finally done us proud for once. He’s been able to finalize such a major business deal!” Theodore nodded before raising his head slightly. He seemed slightly proud.

“I’m not sure which family he made the deal with though?” Selena frowned and felt that this was quite unexpected as this unserious man was somehow able to do something so baffling?

“With the Wilson’s. He’s already on his way to sign it. We’ve already come to an agreement through the phone last night so I’m guessing he should be on his way back right now!” The old master looked at the time.

“Selena, the truth is that you’re quite remarkable back then. It’s too bad, if it wasn’t for…” A relative from the Taylor’s shot a glance at Jack, hinting at something.

“Uncle, I know. I chose this path and won’t ever regret it!” Selena smiled, looking somewhat melancholic.

It was just at this moment that the door opened once again and Ivan appeared in front of everyone.

“Ivan’s back, everyone clap!” Theodore cheered out immediately.

In that instant, everyone began clapping and the entire room instantly became lively!

“Ivan, you’ve arrived at such an opportune moment, everyone’s gathered here just for you!”

“Yes indeed, Young Master Ivan. Hurry up and announce the fruits of your labor, even the champagne is all ready!”

Several relatives immediately came forward to butter Ivan up.

Jack and Selena exchanged looks with each other. They could tell the purpose of the gathering today was to witness Ivan’s amazing results and to simply show off his outstanding abilities!

Ivan had a bitter look as he spoke in a depressed tone, “The contract was a bust. Something came up and Young Master Wilson immediately tore it apart!”


Everyone gasped when they heard that statement! They were all ready for a celebration that even a banquet was fully prepared. However, Ivan had actually told them the entire ordeal was for nothing. Before Ivan went out, he was extremely confident and it seemed as if he was 100% certain the deal would follow through.

“What happened?” The old master’s expression dimmed as he slowly approached Ivan and questioned him.

At that moment, Ivan found himself tongue-tied. He actually had no idea how to respond. He could not possibly expose the horrific deed he and Micheal did last night, right? If he did, it was possible that the old master would have thought of murdering him.

“Well, this is quite difficult to say… The thing is, Micheal was in a bad mood and mentioned that his family had some incident last night, so he would not be signing the agreement anymore. I too, had no choice! I was also kicked out of there!” Ivan decided to scold him. “I didn’t expect Micheal to be so dishonorable as well! How could he change his mind when it was already agreed upon!”

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