No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0052

“How can Micheal act like that? So he just changed his mind today without reason after coming into an agreement yesterday!”

“Yes, how despicable indeed. He actually had the audacity to toy with such a major deal?”

Everyone from the Taylor family was extremely furious and started putting all the blame on Micheal. Upon noticing that no one was pointing fingers at him, Ivan felt relieved in his heart. Jack, who was standing on the side, frowned. He somehow felt this whole ordeal was not as simple.

It was not easy for Fiona to obtain such an opportunity, so it was only natural for her to take it. She immediately said, “Sigh, Young Master Ivan, our family has been waiting on your good news, you know. Here we thought you’d be able to bring in a business deal worth 300 million dollars to the Taylor family. We didn’t expect for it to all turn into nothing!”

The moment she made that statement, Ivan’s face looked incredibly cold and bitter. He had originally gotten Fiona and everyone here to brag about his amazing achievements, not expecting it to backfire on him.

However, he took a look at Jack at the side. He scoffed and said, “This is an oversight on my part because I never expected someone of such high status like Young Master Wilson to go back on his word!”

Ivan paused as he made that statement. He then pondered for a moment before continuing, “However, I’m stronger than others since I believe someone still doesn’t have a job ever since his return, right!? The truth is, it is people like these that have the hardest time finding a job!”

Cecelia immediately interjected and said, “Oh yeah, after veterans are discharged, they seem to have a very difficult time finding jobs that are suitable for them. So, could he be working his old job and delivering take out?”

Upon hearing that, plenty of the Taylors started laughing. In their eyes, delivering take out was viewed as a very low and disgraceful job.

“That’s right, I know plenty of veterans that can’t get a job after being discharged and end up working as bodyguards or security guards. Why don’t we do it this way? Come be a security guard in our company and I’ll pay you a monthly wage of 4000 dollars!”

After Ivan gave it some thought, he started chuckling and being condescending.

“4000 a month, that’s not bad!” The moment Fiona heard that, she told Jack, “Why don’t you think about it, Jack? You’re a big man and can’t possibly just stew at home and not do anything, right?”

“Forget about it. First of all, I am not in need of that kind of meager cash. Also, I don’t wish to be ordered around by certain people.” However, Jack seemed to have refused the offer immediately. When he witnessed the scene of Ivan bullying his own daughter upon his return yesterday, he would never work for Ivan.

If it was not for Ivan being part of the Taylors, and therefore Selena’s relative, Jack would have murdered him already.

All he wanted to do now was spend time with his wife and daughter and live a peaceful life.

“In no need of money?” Ivan laughed the moment he heard that. Even Fiona’s expression instantly turned bitter.

“You’re not in need of money? How comical. Don’t forget our agreement, don’t blame us when you’re unable to fork out that 30 million dollars when the time comes!”

Ivan chuckled before he started laughing at Jack. He said, “You don’t actually seem to be short on cash. You’re in no need of meager cash, right? What you lack is 30 million dollars so I’m actually interested to see how you’re going to make that money. If you can’t fork it out when the time comes, it’ll prove that aside from your ability to lie, you’re nothing!”

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