No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0053

“There’s no need for you to care about my affairs. 4000 a month, that’s literally an insult to me!” Jack let out a subtle smile. The truth was that when he was about to get discharged, it was uncertain just how many people had secretly contacted him and offered him an astronomical amount of money. However, he had turned them all down.

As such, it was impossible for Ivan’s offer of four thousand dollars to do his bidding to work as the amount was merely an insult to him.

“Yes, yes, yes. You’re the boss, you’ve contributed something major for the country so they must have offered you a huge sum of money, right? From the looks of things, we’re blind to worry about you!” Ivan spoke in a sinister tone.

Jack ignored him and instead, shifted his focus on the champagne on the table. He then said, “Old Master Taylor, are we not celebrating anymore? If we don’t eat now, the food’s going to get cold!”

The corner of Old Master Taylor’s mouth twitched violently as Jack did not hold any restraint as he spoke. He was saying things that he should not just to intentionally embarrass them even though today was planned as a celebration.

“I think you haven’t seen food this delicious in a really long time now. You should be drooling now even looking at it, right?” Cecelia immediately rolled her eyes at Jack before coldly making that statement.

“Let’s eat since the food’s already served. Just pretend this is a normal gathering now!” Old Master Taylor helplessly waved his hand. He then took a look at Ivan and said, “Ivan, remember that next time before any agreements are signed, ignore all verbal agreements made. There is always a possibility that the other party will back out of it at any time. Do you understand? Therefore, don’t speak so confidently next time!”

Ivan’s expression turned bitter, however, he was only able to roll with the punches and smile awkwardly. He said, “I understand, grandpa. Please, join us too!”

Finally, everyone sat down and began eating. Xena seemed to be eating cautiously. She originally thought that since her own appearance was not bad, the Taylor family might be happier that she tagged along. She had not expected that she would instead be looked down and unacknowledged.

“Young Master Ivan, that Jack fellow was acting quite rashly earlier. Why don’t we think of a way to humiliate him?” While they ate, a middle-aged man from the Taylor family sat next to Ivan and spoke up.

“Really now? Do you have a plan?” After Ivan heard it, he was instantly interested.

“Young Master Ivan, don’t we have quite a few alcoholics here? Why don’t we get him drunk and he’ll humiliate himself then, right? It would be much better if he’s picking fights irrationally while drunk!” The man chuckled as he said that.

“Alright!” Ivan was instantly delighted. He had always gone out for drinks and his alcohol tolerance was pretty good. Moreover, if some members of the Taylor family could listen to him and drink with Jack, it would be a miracle for him to not become drunk under his command!

After a brief moment, that middle-aged man approached Jack and said with a smile, “You’re Jack, right? Honestly, when you married Selena back then, I didn’t get a chance to drink with you as your elder. So, let’s raise a toast to you being a war hero as it’s completely unrelated to whether you’re part of the Taylor family or not!”

Since he mentioned he was an elder, Jack could not refuse him. All he could do was stand up and pour himself a drink before saying, “You’re too kind. We’re all citizens of Daxia and it’s our duty to defend our land! As a form of respect, I’ll drink to you first!”

The man was delighted when he noticed Jack chug the glass of alcohol down so casually. After that, he finished his drink then said, “Oh, how I can’t see the joy of being a soldier. Your alcohol tolerance is not bad. Come on now, let’s drink one more. This one, we’ll think of it as a blessing to you and Selena. Naturally, I hope that you can fork out 30 million dollars on Old Master Taylor’s seventieth birthday in order to prove that you’re worthy of our Selena!”

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