No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0054

The first toast was to respect Jack’s contribution in defending the country. The second was a blessing to Jack and Selena. These reasons made Jack unable to refuse the drinks. Not to mention, the person was an elderly. If Jack refused his offer, he would obviously seem unreasonable. Hence, all Jack could do was smile and accept every toast given to him as they drank.

The only thing was, Jack had not expected that even after three consecutive toasts, the man in front of him would not leave as another man came over with more alcohol. Jack could not help but frown as he was starting to find the entire ordeal weird. These people usually looked down on him and now they were all trying to drink with him? Hence, it seemed peculiar and it was obvious that they were trying to get him drunk. However, as much as they tried to scheme against him, he never took it to heart.

The five years he spent in harrowing, war-torn conditions made his body extremely fit. Adding on to that fact that he had a pretty peculiar encounter, it would be impossible for these people to actually get him drunk.

After that, more people continuously came by. Jack smiled at them politely, then made small talk with them before chugging down all of the alcohol in his glass. He looked very impressive. After drinking seven to eight glasses of red wine, Selena who was watching from the side started to panic slightly. After Jack got seated once again, she instinctively tugged Jack’s shirt gently.

“Don’t you know how to refuse? It’s fine to drink a little less. You drank so much so fast. What will you do if you get drunk?” Selena lowered her voice and reminded him in a soft tone.

Jack’s heart felt warm after hearing her statement. He never expected that Selena would actually care for him so much. Besides, such a wife would be very difficult to find. In order to save his pride, she intentionally spoke in a softer tone so no one else could hear.

“Don’t worry, my alcohol tolerance isn’t that bad. Besides, you can take a look and see that basically everyone that came over are elders. Their excuses would make even you unable to refuse. It’s actually quite kind of them to not string you along and ask you to drink with them!” Jack also lowered his voice and replied in a soft tone, placing his hand over his mouth.

“This happens to be red wine. Although it tastes good, the rush later can be quite overwhelming. It’s easy to get drunk so be careful!”

Selena also realized the excuses they had given Jack earlier were truly difficult to refuse. If he deliberately refused any of them, those elders would say that Jack looked down on them and it would be quite a complicated ordeal to manage after that. The only thing was, how could she not worry with the way Jack was drinking?

Ivan had a wide smile as he walked over with a glass of alcohol in his hand at that moment.

After Jack looked at him, he frowned and said, “Young Master Ivan, you wouldn’t also want to drink with me now, would you? I happened to be the one that broke your arm though!”

The edge of Ivan’s mouth twitched violently when he heard that statement.

However, he controlled his emotions and said with a smile, “That was all a misunderstanding. I was actually playing with Kylie back then. I didn’t expect you to misunderstand!”

After he finished saying that, he added, “No matter what, Selena is still my cousin and you should call me cousin as well. Although I feel like you’re not capable of anything, but it’s not easy to survive through the fields of battle and return. With that, allow me to raise you a toast!”

After saying that, Ivan immediately chugged his glass dry. He then said, “Jack, you wouldn’t deny me that honor now, would you?”

“How kind. Young Master Ivan giving me a toast would, without a doubt, be my honor. Don’t mind if I do!” Jack chuckled as he immediately chugged the alcohol in his glass down.

“Hah Great! Now we’re talking! I love making connections with people. What do you say we drink three shots?”

One of Ivan’s hands was still in a cast, but he still took a bottle of red wine and poured it into two of the empty glasses.

“This isn’t such a good idea now, your injuries haven’t fully recovered yet. Young Master Ivan, it’s best for you to not drink that much!” Jack pretended to be tipsy as he gently shook his head and advised him.

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