No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0056

“I’m a stranger? Heh, I’ll leave then!” Tanya was stunned for a moment before chuckling out loud as she turned around and was getting ready to leave.

Old Master Taylor could recognize who she was at a glance and immediately gasped. This happened to be the daughter of the wealthiest man in Eastfield. Her family’s power was terrifyingly immense. It was uncertain just how many people wished to grovel to their family. However, it seemed such opportunity was incredibly rare.

They, as a third class aristocratic family, were even more desperate to butter up to them. The only thing was that there was never such opportunity to do so. They did not expect Tanya to actually show up in front of them. The only thing was that his own grandson looked like a mess to have actually said something like that without being afraid of offending that person.

“Drake-Miss Tanya…” Old Master Taylor was quite nervous as he stuttered.

“Ivan, what on Earth are you spouting? That happens to be Miss Drake. Are you not going to hurry up and apologize?” Even Theodore was startled as he immediately chastised Ivan.

Originally in a drunken stupor, Ivan was completely terrified when he heard that statement. Immediately, he stood up frantically, rushed over, and extended his arm. He said, “I’m sorry, sorry. Sigh, I didn’t expect you to be Miss Drake. This is truly a surprise. What I mean to say is, I didn’t expect a woman of such high status like Miss Drake to show up in a place like this…”

Ivan had no idea how to apologize as he extended his arm, intending to shake the other person’s hand.

However, Miss Tanya had both hands behind her back and completely ignored Ivan. She took a glance at Old Master Taylor and said, “Old Master Taylor, am I welcomed here?”

“Welcome, welcome. Of course you’re welcomed!” Old Master Taylor frantically said, “Waiter, add another set of cutlery. Please sit here, Miss Drake!”

With a smile, Miss Drake said, “No need for the trouble. Just rice is fine as I’ve just finished a meal next door earlier with my best friends. While passing through, I noticed a familiar face here and came by to have a look!”

“Miss Drake! Unexpectedly, we meet again!” Fiona was behaving extremely rashly as she frantically came forward while chuckling out loud. It seemed like she was buttering up to her.

Tanya status was unimaginably high and she had even handed her a name card last night. If she was able to speak a little more with Tanya, the Taylor family would have to respect her even more. However, she felt slightly anxious. She was afraid that Miss Drake might ignore her and if that happened, she would just be embarrassing herself.

“Indeed, aunty. I noticed you guys here so I decided to come in and take a look!” Tanya smiled calmly as that single statement made everyone gasp. So, was the familiar face Tanya was talking about actually Fiona and the others? When did Fiona and her family even become the familiar faces Tanya mentioned? Although Tanya also knew about Old Master Taylor, she would never address him as a ‘familiar face’.

“Young Master Ivan, that apology of yours seemed a little insincere. I think you should at least drink an entire bottle of red wine… Besides, that exclamation you made earlier sounded louder than usual!” At this moment, Jack unexpectedly chuckled before lazily commenting on his previous statement.

The corners of Ivan’s mouth twitched violently. He was already dizzy from drinking so how could he possibly drink an entire bottle of red wine by himself? This brat was intentionally trying to stir up trouble!

“Oh yeah, your voice was actually really loud earlier that even I was startled!”

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