No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0057

What was even more unbelievable was that Miss Tanya was actually covering her tiny mouth in shock. She then said, “If you’re able to finish this entire bottle of red wine, that would prove the sincerity of your apology.”

Old Master Taylor was also speechless for a moment. However, since Miss Tanya had spoken, if they did not do what she asked, it would be very disrespectful to her. If she held a grudge in her heart due to this, it would seem that their Taylor family would not even be able to dream about expanding in Eastfield ever again.

“What are you still dawdling there for, Ivan? Show your sincerity!” Upon noticing the bitter look on Ivan’s face, Old Master Taylor was put in a tough spot and immediately reminded him.

“Alright, it wasn’t my intention to offend you earlier. I will chug this bottle dry as an apology!” Ivan grabbed a bottle of red wine and immediately poured it down his throat.

When he was halfway through drinking it, he felt slightly uncomfortable. However, he had no choice but to grit his teeth and forcefully finish the entire bottle. Hatred brewed in his heart. That cursed Jack, why did he have to randomly seek out trouble. The main point was that Miss Tanya had actually listened to him. Moreover, what made him even more speechless was that it was Miss Tanya who ruined his schemes last night. If it was not for her, he would have successfully signed the agreement and returned with pride to show off how capable he was. Unfortunately…

After he had finished drinking, Ivan could no longer keep it together as he immediately felt dizzy. He swayed from left to right as he took a few steps forward before collapsing onto the ground and puking.

Old Master Taylor had an extremely bitter look upon witnessing this scene. He secretly scolded Ivan for being too weak. If he had to puke, he could have waited until after Miss Tanya had left. How embarrassing was it to act in such a way in front of others. Would there even be a chance for both families to work together in the future? In the future, Ivan would be the lord of the household. Maintaining his image was important.

“That’s right, what are you guys celebrating? I noticed people drinking champagne over there!” Miss Tanya merely glanced at Ivan on the ground before questioning Old Master Taylor.

“Well, the truth is that it’s nothing major. We… We were…” Old Master Taylor frowned and was unsure what to say.

Suddenly, he noticed Jack and decided to grit his teeth before saying, “We are here to welcome Jack back home. Besides, he returned from the battlefield and made the country proud, right?”

“Indeed, this is something worthy of celebrating!” Tanya nodded, then immediately told Jack, “Oh right, Jack, the Drake family happens to be looking for a bodyguard. I noticed you’ve been discharged so you should be pretty impressive now, right? You just came back and don’t have a job now, right? I’m not sure but would you be interested in working as a bodyguard for the Drake family?”

The instant Fiona heard her say that, she was ecstatic and said frantically, “Of course, of course he’s interested. I heard the lowest wage for the Drake family’s bodyguards is around twenty to thirty thousand dollars and for those who are considered skilled, their wages would go up to more than 100 thousand, right?”

“Don’t worry, aunty. If Jack comes over, his wages will be up for him to decide. We’re just afraid that he won’t be willing to come over!” Tanya knew Jack was an impressive man since her own father had repeatedly told her to get closer and help him no matter what. It seemed this man’s relationship with the God of War was an unusual one.

“Coming, coming, coming! Of course, he’d be willing to come, what is there to be unwilling of? It’s uncertain just how many people desperately want to be a bodyguard for your family!” Fiona was beaming. This was because if Jack was not an idiot, he would definitely not let go of such an opportunity!

After she was done speaking, she pulled Jack aside and whispered, “She said it’s up to you to decide on the wages. Don’t you dare ask for a small amount. If you’re embarrassed to ask for 100 thousand dollars, at the very least, ask for fifty to eighty thousand!”

Jack had the cold sweats since his mother-in-law was energetic at the sheer mention of money.

Jack turned around and chuckled at Tanya before saying, “I’m completely uninterested in becoming a bodyguard for your family. However, my wife happens to really want a job. Unless you guys can assign her to work under the Drake family, only then will I reluctantly state my price!”

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