No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0060

“Thank you Miss Tanya for your praises. This toast is my respect to you!” Selena was slightly anxious in her heart. A monthly wage of a million dollars, such a job would be extremely hard to find. It seemed not even the monthly wage of a general manager would come close to that.

“You’re too kind! To a happy collaboration then!” Tanya did not act pridefully as she walked over and poured herself some red wine then gently bumped her wine glass with Selena’s before drinking.

“Jack, now that your wife had agreed to come work with us, you can’t go back on your words now, name your price?” Tanya was beaming as she was praying in her heart if her father knew she had hired Jack as their bodyguard, it would be uncertain just how happy he would be.

Everyone’s faces were sweating. Since not only was Miss Tanya not infuriated after hearing Jack’s outrageous statement, she seemed very keen on having Jack be a part of their Drake family and making him a bodyguard.

Jack let out a bitter laugh and said, “Well, I have no choice now and it seems, I have to agree to it then!” As he was saying that, Jack paused then said, “But, I have a condition. Regarding the wages, I can be paid a little less, besides, I don’t lack money. However, as for the hours, I require my freedom. That meant I’ll only come to work when I have the time to and if something is up, I have to head out and attend to it, right!”

Tanya’s expression seemed peculiar. How was this working, was this not called living like a master?

“What on Earth are you thinking, Jack? You are there to be a bodyguard, you’re working for people so you should abide by their terms. How could you leave whenever you feel like it?” Fiona was extremely furious. This bastard had finally found an excellent job and he was being very unreasonable now.

Moreover, he even mentioned that he could be paid a little less. He was completely lacking integrity now. However, since this trash was unworthy of being her son-in-law and since she was able to exile him from the Taylor family on the old master’s seventieth birthday. So, what was there to worry about anyway.

“Son, this is such a good opportunity so you should work well now. Do you understand?” Joan too came forward to advise him.

“Sure. However, if any major incidents require your help, you’ll have to arrive immediately whenever you’re called. Can you do that?” They never expected Miss Tanya had actually agreed to him once more.

Theodore and the others were completely baffled. Has Miss Tanya gone mad? How could she actually agree to such terms? Was their Drake family in such desperate need of bodyguards?

“Now, you can talk about the amount you desire for your wages, right? You mentioned earlier, you want to be paid a little less, so don’t go asking for too much now!” Miss Tanya was chuckling. She looked extremely adorable.

“Yeah, alright then, just twenty million dollars! Twenty million dollars per month! Any amount lesser than that, you can forget about it!” Jack was silent for a moment then raised two fingers.

“Are you insane, Jack? Is Miss Tanya joking with you now?” A relative of the Taylor family immediately scolded him. This guy was blatantly throwing a fit. How can a bodyguard ask for twenty million a month, not to mention, come to work whenever he was free? Was he not afraid of offending Miss Tanya? What if she grew furious then?

“This amount is a little outrageous now. Even if you can name your price, you shouldn’t name it as such, right?” A bodyguard behind Miss Tanya could no longer bear to watch. In normal circumstances, they would never intervene but this guy bluntly requested twenty million dollars. Then what would they, bodyguards with only a monthly wage of a hundred to two hundred thousand dollars be considered as?

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