No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0062

That single statement Jack made, almost caused a few bodyguards to pass out. This guy was too unreasonable. Was this not blatantly insulting them?

“Don’t worry. I’m not a fool and I have faith in his abilities! If he can survive on the battlefield for five years, he will without a doubt have his uses!” Miss Tanya was clear in her heart and she could not possibly tell them it was all to butter up to the God of War, hence his high price offer. Hence, she forced an explanation.

“Yes, yes, yes! Miss Tanya, your judgment is impeccable!” Fiona was incredibly ecstatic in her heart. If Jack’s monthly wage was twenty million dollars, does that mean he would make two hundred and forty million a year? If that was the case and if Jack worked for a lifetime then, well, anyone would be excited with just that thought.

“Miss Tanya, don’t you worry, I’m sure my brother-in-law won’t disappoint you!” Ben was so excited, he did not know what to say as he immediately spoke out.

“Brother-in-law?” Jack turned his head to look at him as he thought this change in attitude was too drastic now. Before they came, he wanted to beat him up, how come now he would call him his brother-in-law?

Ben nervously laughed and said, “You’re my sister’s husband so, if you’re not my brother-in-law then who could you be?”

“Yeah, of course, you’re his brother-in-law now!” Fiona delightfully said, “My dear son-in-law, I have faith in your abilities and you will work well in the Drake family and forge a career for yourself!”

Jack’s eyes narrowed as that son-in-law remark came too suddenly.

“Cough! Cough! Mom, didn’t you mention that if I didn’t cough up that ten million to you, you won’t acknowledge my status?” Jack let out two dry coughs then intentionally said that.

Fiona’s face immediately blushed as she frantically said, “Sigh, your monthly wage is already twenty million, it’s impossible you can’t give me that ten million now, right?”

“Miss Tanya, are you serious?” Even Old Master Taylor was startled and was wondering if this was a hallucination. Although Jack had spent five years on the battlefield, it was uncertain how he survived. A monthly wage of twenty million was too terrifying let alone, it was only for a bodyguard.

“I, Tanya Drake will never go back on my word! You guys can cease your worries for that!” Miss Tanya spoke confidently.

“Well, shouldn’t you ask your father, Miss Tanya?” Jack asked.

“Nope, just come to work tomorrow! I’ll take my leave first and I won’t disturb you guys from drinking now!” Tanya waved her hand and left soon after along with her lackeys.

After Tanya had left for quite some time, everyone here seemingly was still caught in their dreamy daze.

“Jack, tomorrow, you and Selena have to head to work earlier. Don’t be late now, do you understand?” Fiona reminded them while chuckling.

“Mom, am I dreaming? I’m only a project manager and my monthly wage is a million on top of year-end bonuses!”

“He is a bodyguard and his monthly wage is twenty million while he can leave whenever he wants to and he doesn’t have to abide by the working hours?”

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