No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0064

”Right, no matter what, Selena’s strengths are acknowledged by the Drake family. Besides, Miss Tanya had mentioned it earlier, Selena would be handling a huge project but it’s unsure what project that would be. If she could look out for our Taylor family, that’ll be excellent!” Andrew spoke while chuckling since this was such a huge opportunity!

The Taylor family had always wanted to build connections with the Drake family but they never got the chance to. Now however, they actually had someone that could directly be involved with the Drake family’s business by being a project manager, this was literally an extremely amazing opportunity for their Taylor family!

“No, no, no. Selena, you can immediately look out for the Taylor family the moment you start, it would be bad if the Drake family knew about it. Besides, you’d just come over so you’ll have to prove your worth when you start working and gain the Drake family’s trust then build upon that relationship. Wait till there’s an opportunity to look out for our Taylor family in future. You have to think of a way to have them notice and value your strengths. Only then, when you look out for our Taylor family, they will have nothing to say!” After Old Master Taylor carefully pondered about it, he advised her.

The business for the Taylor family within these two years have gone downhill and it was getting worse by the year. This made Old Master Taylor frantic.

Jack who was listening at the side had no idea how to react. It was obvious that the Taylor family had no idea that the main purpose for Miss Taylor was only to get him to work for them. Would they be unable to hire a capable manager with the wealth they had?

After Miss Tanya left, she swiftly drove back to the Drake family home.

When those bodyguards returned to the Drake family home, they were all obviously incredibly furious. Since they understood Miss Tanya’s temperament and were very honorable. If she had made a promise to anyone, she would honor her promise. Even if Master Drake objected to it after the fact, it would be futile. Miss Tanya was that stubborn. If she had decided on something, it would be very difficult to change her mind.

“Father, let me tell you a good news!” Tanya entered the mansion’s lobby while placing both arms behind her back as she gleefully said that.

“Seeing just how happy you are, what good news could this be?” James asked with a smile.

“Jack White, I got him in. He’s willing to be our family’s bodyguard!” After Miss Tanya was done speaking, she looked at Timothy who was sipping tea on the side then continued with a smug attitude, “What do you think, brother? Isn’t what I, your sister did extremely earth shattering?”

The moment James heard that statement, he was shocked as he said, “No way, right? You actually got him in? If he actually returned with the God of War, had a good relationship with her then he should at least be King of War. Even by a little difference, he should at least be a marshal though. A man like this, is willing to be your bodyguard?”

With that being said, Timothy was stunned before saying, “I’ve heard that a returning marshal would have a billion whereas ten billion for those who are more impressive as their prize money. The King of War however would at the very least get a few hundred billion dollars. There were plenty of people who wanted to employ their powers but those people would not so easily agree to the employment!”

Tanya frowned when she heard that as she said, “Really? I didn’t expect you to know even that detail, Brother. However, Grandfather had mentioned that the Jack fellow wouldn’t be that simple, so I got lucky today and I ran into his entire family. Hence, I got him in.”

“He’d agree to a monthly wage of a few hundred thousand dollars as a bodyguard? Tanya, have you made a mistake and found the wrong person? Are you sure that person is Jack White? The Jack White that father was talking about?” Timothy was seemingly unconvinced. Since, the Drake family bodyguards would have a monthly wage of those numbers. Anyone that was slightly more impressive would only make more than a hundred thousand dollars.

“What do you mean a few hundred thousand dollars? He mentioned, he’d do it for at least twenty million dollars. Anything lower than that, he wouldn’t agree to it. Moreover, that was all because his wife wanted a job, so I promised to employ his wife as our project manager. It was only then was he willing to work for us! The main point is, this guy is a little too unreasonable. He mentioned something about not having fixed working hours and he’d be able to leave work whenever he pleases!”

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