No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0066

“Sure. It’s quite a long way. As long as you’re tired, that won’t be a problem!” Selena smiled blissfully. At first, she thought that Jack seemed cold ever since he came back from the war. He always had on a serious face. Unexpectedly, there were times where he could be romantic.

“Of course, I won’t be tired. As long as you’re the one behind me, anything is bearable. I can even be strong enough to carry you to work every day!” Jack replied happily.

“Daddy, I want you to carry me too!” Kylie, who was in his arms chuckled.

“Sure, come on. Daddy will carry you!” Jack placed the little girl on his back in one swooping motion.

“Brother-in-law, if you really became a bodyguard with a salary of twenty million dollars a month, can you help me get a car? All the matters earlier were just misunderstandings.” Ben ran up to them after getting a glance from Xena and asked with a chuckle, trying to butter up to Jack.
Although he too felt that the Second Miss was being conned by Jack. However, what if it turned out to be true? Buttering Jack up cost nothing anyway.

Jack gave it a thought, then nodded. “Sure, but it can’t be too expensive. Any car under one million dollars is fine. When the time comes, you go pick it out yourself!”

“Really? Any car under one million dollars?” Hearing that, Ben was elated. At first, he thought getting something between a hundred to two hundred thousand dollars would be a dream come true. Who would have thought that Jack would be that generous, letting him pick anything under one million dollars just like that?

“Of course. It’s not that expensive!” Jack chuckled. His words once again made Fiona and the others speechless. ‘One million dollars, yet this brat doesn’t think it’s expensive?’

“Honey, I think we should get a motorcycle instead. You can just drop me off to work! After we get our pay and have the money on hand, then we’ll get a car. How about that?” Selena smiled, then continued, “I’ve not been working for such a long time, it feels a little exciting!”

“It’s your decision Honey. As long as you’re willing, you can buy whatever you want, even a plane!” Jack replied casually with a laugh.

“Plane? We don’t even know if you can make it to work tomorrow yet and you’re already delusional? Listen to me, we’ll stick to our previous promise, understand? You must send me ten million dollars worth of betrothal gifts on the old master’s seventieth birthday. Only then I’ll recognize you as my live-in son-in-law, got it?” Fiona interjected with a smile.

“Relax, you’ll have your ten million dollars!” Jack nodded as he replied.

Fiona and the rest quickly took a taxi home. Jack, on the other hand, took Selena along to shop for an electric scooter. They quickly arrived at an electric scooter shop and purchased one, then rode it back home.

“Honey, I still don’t dare to believe the words of Miss Drake. Paying you twenty million dollars a month as a bodyguard, do you think it makes sense?” Selena could not resist asking as she sat behind Jack.

“Of course, it’s real. Her status and identity is for all to see. Moreover, twenty million dollars is nothing to their family!” Jack laughed bitterly, then added, “If not for ensuring your sense of security, I wouldn’t even agree to it! This price is already really low. It can’t go any lower!”

“Boasting again. I really don’t understand why she would offer such a price. It can’t be that she thinks you’re handsome and has a crush on you?”

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