No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0069

The puddle was already over a dozen meters behind them. However, Jack’s kick was extraordinarily powerful. He managed to send him flying, finally landing in that puddle.
Young Master Hugo’s floral shirt was then drenched by the muddy water.

“Y-y-you dare to hit Young Master Hugo? Are you looking for death?” The woman was terrified, immediately backing away as she pointed at Jack.

Jack maintained emotionless, staring straight at her. “Do you want me to take action, or will you voluntarily roll in that puddle over there?”

“D-d-don’t hit me…” The woman was scared witless by Jack’s gaze. It was the gaze of someone that survived countless bloodbaths. After saying that, she quickly ran over and started rolling in the puddle. Her skirt was already very short. After it got wet, her body shape was all the more revealing.

“Bastard, y-y-you just wait!” Young Master Hugo was boiling with rage. He stood up, then spat out a mouthful of blood. The skin on his arm tore and was bleeding. Even his shirt got torn up from the friction. He looked pathetic.

“Honey, their family is very powerful. You’ve caused trouble again!” Selena frowned. She was worried and at a loss of what to do.

However, Jack just walked up to Young Master Hugo’s car and smashed his fist into it. Bang! With a loud sound, a gaping hole appeared on his car as though it was made of paper.

“This…” Upon witnessing that terrifying strength, Selena was dumbfounded. Jack’s strength was too monstrous. Was that something a human was capable of?

When Jack walked back, his face had a warm smile on it. “Honey, let’s go. We’ll head back for a bath and change our clothes!”

“But…the Hugo family is full of experts. If they come looking for us, what should we do?” Selena was still extremely worried.

“Relax, they’re no match for me!” Jack nonchalantly got on the scooter. “Come on, let’s head back for a bath. It’d be bad if you catch a cold, Honey!”

Although Selena was worried, it would do them no good to stay there either. After hesitating for a moment, she got on the scooter and they both quickly drove away. However, to their surprise, when they arrived at gates of the courtyard, they found a huge demolition notice stuck on his gates.

“What’s the matter? Are they trying to demolish this place?” Jack and Selena exchanged glances in shock. When they left in the morning, nothing was on the gates yet this huge notice was now there.

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