No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0070

“Demolish? If that’s the case, shouldn’t we get a bit of compensation?” Jack was distracted for a moment, then followed Selena into the house.

At that moment, the living room was very lively. There were a number of workers that were talking to Fiona and Andrew.

“Oh my, Selena, what happened to both of you? Why are you covered in dirt?” Seeing Selena and Jack, Joan was shocked, asking quickly.

“Ugh, we passed by a puddle earlier and a car did not slow down…so we got splashed!” Selena stuttered with a frown. She was too ashamed to say it. If her mother knew that they offended the terrible Hugo family, how would she react?

“Oh my, so this is Miss Taylor!” A middle-aged man stood up cheerfully, then explained, “I’m the worker in charge. It’s like this. This location is being expropriated as it is rather peaceful here. We’re planning to build a retirement home, therefore this house must be demolished!”

“Retirement home?” Selena frowned.

“That’s right. You can treat it as a contribution to the country! Moreover, this place is decrepit. Our experts appraised it and it’s considered unsafe for habitation. You have three days to move out. Please cooperate with our work!” The man explained with a cheerful smile. His smile looked warm and gentle.

“Unsafe for habitation? How can that be?” Selena breathed in deeply. They had no money to buy a house at this time. If they moved out, where would they stay? Moreover, although the house was quite old and run down, it was not unsafe for habitation. It would still be safe for a couple more years.

Furthermore, they were already accustomed to the large courtyard and had thought of this place as home. Having to move out all of a sudden was quite difficult to take in.

“That’s right. Our experts have already done the appraisal!” The man smiled. “Furthemore, this would also beautify our city, wouldn’t it? With such an old courtyard here, it wouldn’t look nice either. Now that our country has won the war, quite a few powerful figures are coming back from the battlefield. If they saw this, it might make them look bad, right?”

“No problem, no problem. We’ll definitely move out in three days, We’re citizens after all. It’s only fair to contribute.” Fiona immediately agreed with a smile.

“Mm, wonderful. You have a good mindset!” The other old man nodded approvingly.

“As it should be!” Fiona chuckled, then stated, “As for the matter of compensation, you see, this place is quite good. With such a large area, if not a hundred million dollars, it should be at least a few tens of million dollars, right? If that won’t do, ten million dollars would suffice! That way we can buy a house!”

“That’s right. As long as the price is suitable, we can even move out immediately!” Andrew nodded along as well.

To their surprise, upon hearing those words, the worker’s face turned cold immediately. “Madam, I’m afraid you didn’t understand what I said. Your place is affecting our city’s image. You should be contributing to the country!”

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