No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0071

“Furthermore, we have received complaints that this courtyard was built illegally, do you understand? You’re already lucky that you’re not getting fined. We’re just negotiating to have you move away voluntarily. What makes you think there will be any compensation?”

The middle-aged man had a smile on his face, but his words immediately turned the rest and Fiona’s mood foul. This demolition had no compensation?

“Impossible. This is our Taylor family’s old mansion. It’s been left uninhabited for many years. My grandfather was the one that told us to stay here. At any rate, there should be a demolition compensation. How is this an illegal building? We’ve been staying here for so many years!” Selena was furious. Her original plan was to come home for a bath, but she was in no mood for that for the time being. The other party was just being unreasonable.

“I think the money is there, but you’re just planning to keep it for yourself, right? Do you know that we’re from the Taylor family? You should really investigate carefully before coming. You want to demolish this place without paying the compensation? Dream on!” Fiona’s expression changed immediately. The smile was long gone from her face.

“We’re just here to notify you. If you don’t appreciate the gesture, we can have the demolition crew come over with just a phone call at any moment! Since you claim that it’s not illegal, do you have the premise permit?” The old man asked with a laugh.

Fiona’s expression darkened. “This is not commercial housing. It’s our Taylor family’s homestead. How do you expect us to get a permit? Regardless, you should be paying some form of compensation. Otherwise, you’re not allowed to demolish it!”

“Illegal or not, it’s for us to decide, not you. You can’t even show us the premise permit, then it’ll be demolished today itself!” That middle-aged man chuckled, then made a phone call.

After he finished with the call, he laughed, “Of course, I know that you’re from the Taylor family. However, the one in charge of this project is Young Master Clark, Ken Clark! Their group is the one in charge of building this retirement home. Can you afford to offend them?”

“I was wondering who it is. So it’s that trash!” Jack finally understood. Last time, he had given him a beating. He probably was still feeling bitter over that incident. However, Jack did not expect him to use such tactics to seek revenge on them.

“Him?” Fiona’s face turned pale. The current Taylor family could not afford to offend the Clark family. Moreover, they were kicked out of the Taylor family. The old master might not even bother helping them and could even blame them for offending the untouchables.

She turned around, then rushed at Jack, shoving him. “It’s all your fault. If not for you, this wouldn’t happen. It’s because you hit him last time. Now they’re here for revenge and we’re getting kicked out soon. Where are we going to stay?”

“Mother, don’t worry. Nobody will dare kick us out!” Jack smiled coldly, then looked at Selena who was covered in mud. He said lovingly, “Honey, you go wash up and change your clothes. I’ll wait here for them!”

“O-okay!” For some reason, Jack’s confident gaze helped calm her heart down. She grabbed a set of clothes and then went to wash up.

Upon hearing that Selena was going to shower, the few workers swallowed hard. They wondered how alluring the scene would be when a beauty like that showered. Unfortunately, they had no chance to witness that and could only imagine it in their heads.

The men grew all the more jealous of Jack. ‘This guy sure is lucky to have found such a beautiful woman that bore him a child. That’s a dream come true for countless men out there.’

After Selena was done with her shower and changed, she came back to the courtyard. Right outside were three excavators, a group of people, and Young Master Clark.

“I heard there are some unruly people here that refused to listen to the management!”
Ken sneered as he walked slowly into the courtyard with a few people behind him.

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