No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0072

“Oh my, Young Master Clark, why are you here? It’s been a long time!” Upon seeing Ken with his lackeys, Fiona immediately welcomed them cheerfully.
“Auntie, it’s not that long. We’ve just met two days ago!”
Ken chuckled, then pointed at his teeth. “Look, I’m whistling as I speak. It’s all because of your precious son-in-law!”

Fiona’s expression immediately turned awkward. She forced a smile and replied, “Watch what you’re saying. This man is not my son-in-law. We will only find out after the old man’s seventieth birthday in about twenty more days!”

Ken was taken aback, his face was filled with surprise. “Auntie, what do you mean by that? They’re already legally married and the kid is a few years old. Why do we need to wait for about 20 more days to find out?”

“Yes yes yes!” Fiona immediately nodded. “It’s like this. Let’s not mention the matters back then. It’s like this. After Jack came back, he got into a fight with Young Master Ivan and beat him up. After that…that’s why, by then, he would need to cough up thirty million dollars or he will be kicked out of our Taylor family. Of course, if he doesn’t send me the ten million dollars worth of betrothal gifts, Selena’s father and I will never recognize his identity!” Fiona explained away. After she was done, she immediately dragged Ken aside and whispered, “Young Master Clark, please rest assured. He won’t be able to take out that much money when the time comes. As long as he can’t produce the money, then our Selena will regain her freedom. Once she regains her freedom, wouldn’t that mean you’ll have a chance?”

Hearing that, Ken’s heart rejoiced. He turned to look at Selena who was standing there and was surprised once more. At that moment, Selena had just finished her shower and have yet to dry her hair. Standing there, she looked all the more alluring. That pair of snow white long legs were especially eye catching under the sunlight.

Considering that he had over twenty more days to go, his expression darkened and said, “Auntie, that’s a long time to wait. I don’t feel like waiting any longer. Isn’t it just ten million dollars of betrothal gifts? As long as you can think of a way to have Selena marry me, even a hundred million dollars in betrothal gifts is not an issue!”

“A hundred million dollars!?” Hearing that, Fiona’s heart was swayed in an instant. Although Jack had found a good job, who knew if that job offer was just Miss Tanya playing with him.
Moreover, if Jack worked like that, who knew how long his job would last? What if he got fired one day? He was quite hot-headed after all.

Young Master Clark on the other hand, looked dashing and was courteous. If her daughter marries him, then she would definitely be living comfortably in the future.

“The betrothal gifts can be negotiated. It’s just that I’ve promised Jack and I can’t just change as I like to!” Fiona looked at Kylie who was playing nearby, feeling a little uncomfortable.

After all, if Jack’s work was a real deal, then he would get quite a lot in one year. Most importantly, Kylie was still her granddaughter. It was naturally better for her to live with her biological father. At least she would not have to suffer in the future. That was why she decided to give Jack another chance. What if he really pulled through?

“Auntie, don’t you worry. I have my ways. You just ask Selena to come over and I’ll have a private chat with her. If she agrees to divorce Jack, then I can choose to not demolish your house and will definitely treat her well. If she disagrees, I’ll threaten her with the demolition of your house. I believe that a kind-hearted girl like her would surely agree!” Ken told Fiona after some thoughts.

“Sure. However, if my daughter agrees, that would be great too!”

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