No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0073

Fiona gave it some thought, then finally approached Selena. “Dear, Young Master Clark said that he would like to discuss the matter of this house with you. Go ahead and negotiate with him. This house must not be demolished. If it’s demolished, where would our entire family find a place to stay all of a sudden?”

Selena kept silent for a moment, then nodded and walked over.

“This house is our family’s old mansion. Although it’s not a registered property, it’s considered a property of our Taylor family. You can’t just demolish it like that!” Selena looked at Young Master Clark in front of her as she stated coldly.

Before Jack came back, Young Master Clark would come over to court her all the time. There were a few times that he suggested for her to apply for a death certificate to divorce Jack, then marry him. Although she felt annoyed by him, he was not that bad in general. At least, the impression Selena had of him was much better than that Michael. She never thought that he would resort to such tactics. This caused her frustrations toward Young Master Clark to reach a new height.

“Hey, isn’t this for the city’s appearance, for the good of Eastfield?” Clark took out a cigarette and lit it. After inhaling deeply, he finally stated, “Selena, you know that I’m sincerely in love with you. More so than those other gentlemen out there! As long as you’re willing to divorce that trash and marry me, when the time comes, I’ll guarantee you a luxurious life! Of course, it doesn’t matter if they demolish this house or not. Whether to build the retirement house here or not will depend on your attitude. If you agree to marry me, I’ll call them off immediately!” Ken smiled coldly as he stated.

“Young Master Clark, you’re really cunning. They’ve always said that money makes the world go round. Today I finally learned that it’s true!” Selena laughed coldly. “Your behavior is only going to make me think the worst of you!”

“It can’t be helped. Your opinion of me is no longer of any importance. I only want you to be my woman! I want you to know that I’m much better than that delivery boy!” Ken shrugged, his expression thoughtful. “Consider carefully. If you don’t agree, I will start demolishing the house right now!”

“You won’t dare!” Selena was furious, but she looked at the people that he brought along and felt helpless. “You can’t demolish the house, and I will never marry you!”

“You’ll see if I dare! In Eastfield, there are not a lot of things that I’m scared of!” Ken laughed out loudly, his eyes had a vicious look in them.

“Why don’t you let them try demolishing then?” At that moment, Jack sneered and walked up to them unexpectedly.

This Ken was really naive to think that Jack would not hear him if he pulled Fiona and Selena to the side to talk privately. Jack’s hearing had long exceeded that of an ordinary person. He had clearly heard all their previous conversations. He just wanted to find out what was Selena and Fiona’s attitude toward this matter.

“Go ahead with the demolition. Someone doesn’t know his place!” Ken gave the order with a wave of his hand!

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