No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0074

Meanwhile, at the Clark Family Villa. Clark family’s expert Dan Jameson did not see Young Master Clark when he returned. He could not help but frown.

“Where’s Young Master Clark? Where did he go?” Dan thought about it, then asked one of the bodyguards.

“He took a group of people with him and left. I saw that he was rather happy, saying something about definitely getting his hands on that Selena woman!” the guard answered after some thought.

“It can’t be!” Hearing that, Dan breathed in deeply. “This Young Master Clark! Didn’t I just warn him last time not to go look for trouble with that Jack White? Why won’t he listen!?”

Ever since he lost the arm wrestling with Jack, Dan knew deep down in his heart how terrifying Jack was. With the ability that Jack had, even within the military, he would not be a regular soldier. He would at least be of a decent rank. A person like that, their Clark family would be better off steering clear from them. At first, he thought Ken would listen to him. Who would have thought that Ken would go looking for Selena again.

“Commander Jameson, you’re being too careful. This time, Young Master Clark has everything under control! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone! He said that he would only take strong measures after the courteous one fails!” That guard chuckled, then added, “If not for Young Master Clark not bringing me along, I would’ve loved to go have a look. I’ve heard that Selena Taylor was very pretty. Tsk…tsk… I wonder what her expression would be when she’s forced to accept our young master’s offer.”

“Forced to accept?” Dan’s brows twitched. “What does he mean by taking strong measures after the courteous one fails? Could it be the same old tactic of paying a certain amount to Fiona to help persuade them? With Selena’s personality, it’s impossible for her to agree to that. Furthermore, now that her husband’s back, the chances of that happening is even lower.”

“No. This time, our young master used his connections and planned to demolish Selena’s house and use that to threaten them. Of course, if that Jack dares to take action, our young master has no fear because there’s an expert that came back from the military that went along with young master! He’s an officer! Moreover, he’s not just a major, but a marshal!”
The bodyguard smiled. “You should know how powerful those who made it as officers out of so many people! Especially when it’s a marshal!”

When Dan heard those words, he took in a deep breath as he was shocked to the core.
He knew that those that could become an officer were experts on the battlefield. They were all powerful figures. Moreover, this time round, it was said that those who had the status of a major would have at least a thousand men under them and could even go up to a few thousand men.
As for the marshal, he would have a few majors under them. From that, one could tell how much higher their status was. He had even got wind that within those that retired from the battlefield, the majors were all awarded one billion dollars! It was considered an acknowledgement for what they have done over the years.

As for the marshals, they were returning with a few billion dollars. When placed in any town, they would be placed among the extremely rich figures. Never did he expect Young Master Clark to be connected with a person like that and have the other party be willing to help him out.

“If there’s an expert like that with him, then we won’t have much to fear!”

After considering it carefully, the burden in Dan’s heart lifted. Those that managed to become a marshal would have achieved great service in the military. Their capability was guaranteed. At the very least, he was not confident to face them in a fight.

“That’s right. Just relax. This time, our young master will surely succeed!”

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