No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0076

”In that case, you also know that tearing down our house without providing compensation is wrong, right? You’re also feeling uncomfortable about this and want to make up for us, right?”

Facing the marshal, Jack did not have the slightest fear or nervousness. Instead, he smiled indifferently.

”If this is on the battlefield, and we are still in the army, you would not have such an attitude when you see a fellow soldier!”

Dennis’s face sank. “I don’t want to be calculative. Fifty million and your entire family needs to move away. However, you cannot tell Ken Clark!”

“That’s weird. You are a good and a reputable soldier. Yet, you are afraid of Ken? I really don’t understand what you are afraid of?” Jack frowned in confusion.

“I’m not afraid. Years ago, before I became a soldier, our family was very poor. Once, my sister and I were about to starve to our deaths, he passed by and gave us a few thousand dollars. Although the money was nothing to him, but, to me, it meant a lot as it saved our lives!

“Apart from this, there’s another reason and it’s because I like Ken’s sister…” Dennis smiled bitterly and after he finished speaking, he said to Jack, “Since I promised him that I would help him with this favor, I can only give you money privately and you can leave with the others. This way, I won’t offend him and I also technically not forcing you to demolish your house. Consider this as me buying peace of my mind!”

“You’re paying for your peace of mind!” Jack chuckled and then said, “However, I don’t want to trouble my wife while I’m searching for a place to stay!”

Seeing that Jack still refused to listen to him after he had made such a big offer and stated his intention so clearly.

Dennis’s face immediately darkened. “Young man, don’t be so overboard. I’m only speaking to you because we have once killed enemies together on the battlefield and you’re a man. You have to know that you don’t even have the qualifications to talk to me!”

“Are you sure?” Jack laughed after he heard this. “I’m telling you this, I really don’t care about marshals like you!”

“Seems like we will have to settle this by force, don’t blame me for being merciless. Let me ask you again, do you agree or not? If you don’t agree, we’ll demolish by force. I can even kill or destroy you!” Dennis clenched his fist and his aura was terrifying.

He wanted to resolve this matter in a civilised manner, but he did not expect that this young man would not appreciate it.

“You?” Jack smiled coldly. “Consider yourself lucky that I didn’t make you kneel before me when you meet me!”

“I kneel before you? Humph, do you think that you’re the God of War? I would not even kneel down to the King of War in my entire life. Unless I meet the God of War. Only he is worthy of my respect to kneel before him. Young man, do you qualify?”

Dennis was so angry that he almost exploded. He took a step forward, lunged, and his fists flew straight to Jack’s face.

Jack gently moved to the side to avoid the opponent’s attack.


The opponent did not expect Jack to react so quickly and surprise flashed through his eyes. The next second, he attacked continuously with both his fists. The speed of the fists was so terrifying it sounded as if the wind was howling.

Jack evaded one after another. At a certain moment, Jack finally fought back. He kicked and it happened to hit the opponent’s ankle. The powerful force had caused Dennis to fall down on the floor with one knee.

Crack! A thin crack appeared on the thick limestone on the ground.

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