No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0077

“You…” Shock could be seen in Dennis’ eyes. He could not imagine that the opponent was so fast to be able to dodge his attack every time. The opponent was also very strong. His body shook and was about to stand up.

However, Jack placed a hand on his shoulder to press him down. With some force, his other leg was also forced to kneel as he grumbled. He gritted his teeth, tried to stand up, just to find out that Jack’s power was as terrifying as a big mountain. He couldn’t stand up with Jack pressing down on him.

Dennis glanced at Jack, but all he saw was a slight smile on Jack’s face. Jack seemed extremely relaxed, as if he was not using much power.

“If you were an enemy on the battlefield, you would already have died thousands of times!” Jack spoke lightly before releasing Dennis.

Dennis knelt on the floor in a daze with his eyes filled with trance in a daze. Strong! He was extremely strong! Who was this man in front of him and how could he be so powerful? He did not doubt what Jack said previously. If Jack wanted to kill him, he would have died much earlier.

“Who are you?” Dennis frowned and raised his head slowly with suspicion. “Even the King of War cannot be so powerful. It won’t be so easy to deal with me!”

At this point, Dennis paused and said, “However, I know all the Nine Great Gods of War in this world and I know that you are not one of them. How can your strength be comparable to the God of War?”

It was shocking. Dennis could not imagine that this man, who did not look very special, dressed ordinarily, and even had dirt on his clothes, actually had such scary fighting power!

“God of War?” A hint of playfulness danced at the corner of his mouth. “Would you believe if I tell you that the Nine Great Gods of War are my apprentices?”

“Im…impossible? How is that possible? Why don’t I know that the Nine Great Gods of War have a master?” Dennis was shocked once again. Did the Nine Great Gods of War have a master?

“Because I asked them to keep it secret. Not many people know that they are my apprentices. Maybe only a few Kings of War know!” Jack laughed. “I trained them, turned them into nine sharp swords, and let them gallop on the battlefield. Otherwise, the battle between us and the enemy would probably take another one and a half years to end!”

“Oh yes, there’s only one person who is more powerful than the Nine Great Gods of War. His identity is extremely mysterious. It was said that after he had always worn a dragon-shaped mask after he became a general. The mask covers seventy percent of his face! There are only a handful of people who have seen his face! And he’s the most mysterious, and also the strongest person in Daxia, the Supreme Warrior!” As Dennis spoke, he felt that his heartbeat accelerated and he slowly stood up. He looked at the man in front of him carefully and then said, “Could it be that you…you are Lord Supreme Warrior?”

Jack laughed, his palm flipped and a dragon-shaped mask appeared in his hand. After putting the mask on his face, only his left eye could be seen. The entire mask looked like an ancient dragon and it covered most of his face.

“Lord… Lord Supreme Warrior!” Looking at the mask, Dennis’s voice trembled with fright. He thumped and knelt on the ground. “I should die. Please forgive me, Lord Supreme Warrior!”

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