No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0083

After seeing Jack’s contemptuous expression, one of the gangsters’ leaders got pretty annoyed. As he finished speaking, more than a dozen people stepped forward and surrounded Jack.

“Jack, can…can you handle this? They have knives in their hands!” Selena was so frightened that she took a few steps backward, and she could not help but cover Kylie’s eyes with her hand.

However, Kylie stretched her hand out to push Selena’s hand away. “Come on, Daddy. I want to watch how you beat the bad guys…”

“Honey, don’t worry. As a man, I can’t say I can’t!” Jack turned around, looked at Selena and told her with a smile.

Selena blushed thinking he could still make jokes at this moment.

“Young Master Hugo, what should we do? Should we kill him or what?” the guy who led the gang asked with a smile.

“Kill him?” Young Master Hugo was stunned. “No, no, no. Wouldn’t it be too easy for him if you just kill him? It’s no wonder that this young man is powerful, he is the guy who joined the army and also Selena’s husband!”

He had a smirk on his face as he was speaking. “So, you’re Selena’s husband. If that’s the case, it’ll be fun! Just bash him enough for him to fall but don’t kill him. Later, I want him to look at how I play with his wife!”

“Tsk tsk, Young Master Hugo, you dare to say such words. Today, I’ll teach you a lesson on behalf of your father! If my daughter wasn’t here, I would kill you scumbags now! Since my daughter is here, I don’t want things to get too bloody. Let me teach you all some lessons!” After Jack said this, a fierce murderous intent could be seen in his eyes.

However, when he thought about how bad it would be for Kylie to see him kill so many people and there would be blood everywhere, he could only dispel the idea of starting a killing spree. This was his own home and he did not want to fill the whole yard with blood. Furthermore, it would be difficult for him to hide his identity if he really killed Young Master Hugo and made things worse. He did not want to live as the superior, Supreme Warrior, anymore. He only wanted to guard by the side of his beloved woman.

“Tsk tsk, have you guys heard this? This young man came back as a veteran and thinks he is the hero of the world. Do you really think you’re so strong you can fight against a hundred men, and that you’re a legendary and incomparably powerful general?”

Young Master Hugo heard this and thought the whole situation seemed like a huge joke. He waved his hand and ordered, “What’re you all still waiting for? F*ck him. He is bare-handed. I don’t believe that so many of you cannot give him a few cuts.”

“Listen to me carefully, don’t attack the fatal parts. Just beat him until he falls, don’t kill him! We’re professionals!” shouted the guy who led the team.

“Charge!” Suddenly, the followers yelled and waved the bright watermelon knife in their hands and rushed toward Jack.

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