No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0085

”What do you still want? I’m one of the Hugo’s…” Neil gritted his teeth, prepared to reveal his identity again.

Slap! Jack turned his hand and slapped Neil real hard. A big palm print flashed red on Neil’s face.

“I knew your identity from the start. There’s no need for you to introduce yourself!” Jack smiled coldly and said.

“I’m telling you, if you dare to slap me…”




After three consecutive slaps, Neil was so dazed he could see stars and almost fainted.

“Brother, it’s all my fault. I don’t dare to do it anymore!” Neil was afraid of getting beaten. He knelt and knocked his knees hard on the ground. Then he started begging for mercy.

“Your head would not be at the place it is right now if it wasn’t for my daughter, she doesn’t have to witness that bloody scene!”

Jack smiled indifferently. He did not use much strength. If he was serious with his slaps, Neil’s head would have flown away with just one slap.

“Brother, my bad. You’re my brother. I’ve repented. Please let me go!”

Neil was extremely frightened and almost wet his pants. Jack was a powerful opponent.

“Oh, I have money, I can compensate you…” In order to survive, Neil retrieved his cell-phone. “I will transfer one million to you, please let me go!”

“I’ll give you ten seconds to disappear as quickly as possible! And, don’t call me brother. I don’t have such a rubbish brother!” Jack demanded coldly.

Soon enough, Neil ran back to his sports car and drove away very quickly.

“He has so many sports cars. He crashed a Ferrari this morning and now he’s driving a Porsche!” Jack said as he smiled bitterly before turning around to face Selena.

Selena was stunned by then. That was the Hugo family’s Second Young Master. Jack slapped him three times… That was too domineering!

Jack seemed to no longer be the food delivery man in her eyes, he was like a god that others dare not violate.

“Great. Daddy is so strong, he chased the bad guys away!” The innocent and naive Kylie clapped her hand in excitement with eyes filled with admiration.

Selena was stunned for a while before she shook her head. She walked toward Jack feeling somewhat confused. “Jack, you’re really too powerful. Those gangsters were carrying knives. I had no idea that you could settle it so quickly! You’re unusually strong and fast!”

“Silly. I’ve survived so many battles and the bloody sea of corpses. How could those untrained and useless gangsters bully me?” Jack laughed. Gently and playfully, he tapped Selena’s delicate nose. “I’ll protect you and Kylie from today onward!”

Jack’s words touched her heart, so much so that she blushed.

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