No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0086

“Oh, don’t tell mum and the others about what happened just now. They shouldn’t have to worry about it!” Jack said to Selena after giving it a thought.

Selena nodded. “Yes, this time we offended the Hugo family’s young master. My mother might scold you again if she knew about it!”

She then looked at Kylie, who was in her arms and said, “Kylie, don’t tell both your grandmother about how your father beat the bad guys just now!”

“Okay!” Kylie nodded obediently.

It was then when Joan and her maid, Shauna, came back from a walk in the park.

“Kylie, come have a look. See what I got you!” Joan happily presented Kylie a sugar-coated hawthorn fruit stick.

“Wow, it’s candied hawthorns!” Kylie was excited seeing the candied hawthorns. She ran toward Joan as Selena put her on the ground.

“By the way, you are going to work tomorrow. Don’t you want to buy better clothes?” Selena looked at Jack.

“There’s no need for that. My current clothes are pretty good. There’s no tear on it, it just looks a little old!” Jack smiled. He did not pay much attention to clothes and food. What he wanted to do most was to make up for what he owed his mother and Selena.

Although, at times, he would feel lazy to deal with Fiona because she treated him snobbishly, he would still repay her for the trouble he had caused them for the past five years.

In the evening, the family happily had dinner together before going to rest.

The next morning, Jack got up early and gave Andrew a second treatment. He then sent Selena to work with his electric scooter.

What Jack did not expect was, Fiona, Ben, and Xena stalked him in a taxi not long after he had left on the electric scooter.

Jack first rode to the Drake Group’s headquarters that belonged to the Drake family, watched as Selena entered the company before riding his scooter to the Drake family mansion.

Fiona, Ben and Xena, on the other hand, sat in a cafe opposite the mansion to observe.

“Mum, is this necessary? It’s really a waste of time to come here just to see if brother-in-law can really be a bodyguard here. Why can’t we just ask him when he gets home?” Ben asked impatiently.

“Brother-in-law? It sounded so natural from your mouth, did he pay you to say that?”

Fiona could not help but roll her eyes at Ben. “Don’t you forget. It was this person who caused our family to become what it is today. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have a problem getting food on the table for the past five years. If it wasn’t for him, your sister would be doing great in the Taylor family. You would definitely not be looked down upon when you go out…”

Ben smiled bitterly. “I hate him, but I can see that he genuinely cares for Selena.. Besides, he also said that he would buy a car for me after he gets his salary. I can choose whatever car I want as long as the price is within one million…”

“You actually believed him? And you’ll continue calling him your brother-in-law for that?”

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