No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0090

”Your people were the ones who refused to let me enter and they made the first move!”

Jack smiled indifferently. He had almost finished smoking the cigarette. After extinguishing it, he flicked his finger and it flew right into the trash can not far away.

“young man, tell us why should our people let you in? Who do you think you are? You don’t look like a rich person. Tell us, what is your purpose of coming here?” The assistant commander whose name was Harvey laughed and asked.

“Harvey, this young man said that he is a bodyguard hired by Miss Tanya and he said that he has a monthly salary of 20 million. We did not believe in him and stopped him from entering. Then, he barged in by force!”

The few that climbed up from the floor had a hard to look at expression on their face and immediately shouted to this side.

“20 million a month?” The man named Harvey sneered after he heard this, “Young man, you don’t even know how to lie. That’s just sad!”

“Commander Harvey, let me meet him. It’s been a long time since I moved my muscles!” It was a tall man with a fat face and a very vicious look. His stature was estimated to be 1.9 meters and he looked very burly.

He took a few steps forward with clenched fists.

“That’s fine too. Teach this young man a lesson, it would be best if you can beat him till he’s disabled!” Harvey nodded in satisfaction and said with a playful expression.

“No problem!” The burly man had a very thick and deep voice. After he finished speaking, he rushed a few steps forward and his huge fist came straight for Jack.

Jack took a step, jumped up and directly kicked the opponent’s chest.

The opponent’s huge body was actually kicked upside down and flew back several meters before hitting the ground. The most surprising thing was that this bodyguard, who had amazing combat ability and a very strong body, spurted out a mouthful of blood and his face turned pale.

“No way! Henry Liam had very powerful combat power and he’s much better than the other bodyguards of other families!”

“Yes, he was a retired mercenary. It was said that he killed quite a number of people and he is still not this person’s opponent?”

Many bodyguards that were waiting for a good show almost had their jaws dropped to the ground out of surprise. Jack’s strength had exceeded their expectations.

“Oh my, the Drake family’s bodyguards only have such little ability!” Jack glanced at Henry and shook his head. The fighting power of the Drake family’s bodyguard was really much weaker than what he had in mind.

“Ah!” The guy named Henry became very angry when he heard what Jack said. He directly slapped his hand on the ground and stood up with a carp-like flip. He roared again and rushed towards Jack again like a scary tiger.

Pitifully, his attack did not even touch a single piece of Jack’s hair and he was directly kicked away by Jack again. Once again, he hit the ground and a mouthful of blood poured out.

“This young man is really good. Get a few of you to go forward and attack!” The young man saw this and immediately said to several bodyguards next to him.

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