No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0092

“Miss Tanya, do you really want him to be your bodyguard? He is such an arrogant fella!”

There was a guy with a long and gloomy face, he felt like bashing Jack up.

That was what he did a moment ago. Unfortunately, before he could even get near to Jack, he was sent off with a kick.

“He is the bodyguard I hired yesterday! Jack White!” Tanya introduced with a sweet smile. “His salary is indeed twenty million dollars a month. If you guys are not happy about it, feel free to take on him!”

At this point, Tanya smiled at Jack. “Mr. Jack, I believe that you wouldn’t mind being challenged if you think they are merely rice buckets!”

“Of course!” Jack replied calmly.

“Motherf*cker, show me what you’ve got. I will challenge you today!” Harvey was pissed the more he thought about it. He had never been called a rice bucket all his life; never been looked down in such a way before.

“So, it’s true that he is getting twenty million dollars. Commander Harvey, come on! Let us see if this bastard is worth the price!”

Those bodyguards recovered from the shock after hearing Jack’s income. They were hissing remarks through clenched teeth as hatred engulfed them.

“Boy, don’t accuse me of bullying you. I am best at throwing knives!” After careful considerations, Harvey took out several knives and mocked at Jack.

“Yes. Commander Harvey, this guy is fast and powerful. I’m sure it would work if you throw your knives!” A bodyguard and said immediately.

He knew how fast and accurate Commander Harvey was at throwing knives. He was certain that Jack would not have a chance to even get close to Harvey.

“Well. If you are good at throwing knives, then, I’m good at catching knivs!” Jack replied casually.

The corner of Harvey’s mouth twitched upon hearing the comment. That guy had the cheek to joke about it. Harvey narrowed his eyes slightly as he aimed the knife. With a wave of his hand, a glint of light flew out of his hand surprisingly fast.

That knife was sent flying across at a terrifying speed. It made a sound of wind breaking which was almost unnoticeable by ordinary people.
However, in the next second, Jack stretched out his palm and stopped mid-air. The flying knife was sandwiched between his index and middle fingers.

“No way, how could he stop that? It was so fast!” That was coming from a slightly chubby bodyguard. After witnessing the scene, his eyes were wide opened.

“At such speed, the momentum and impact would be very strong. The blade of Harvey’s flying knife would usually be buried in the trunk if it hits a tree. Yet, this guy can catch it between his fingers!”

Another bodyguard was also awe-stricken. A bodyguard that was paid with a salary of twenty million dollars a month seemed to be really unusual.

“Huh! The show has just begun!” Harvey’s face sank. The five knives left in his hand were flicked out at the same time, all aiming directly at Jack.

They were fired at the same speed but attacked from different positions.

“I want to see how you can take down so many flying knives at once!” Harvey ridiculed Jack in his heart. He had perfected the art of throwing knives. He was certain that Jack would not be able to catch any of his knives.

Then again, the disadvantage of throwing so many knives at the same time was that the power of attack would be weakened. Besides, it would be difficult to aim at the target. If the target was too far away, it was difficult for all five knives to hit the target.

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