No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0094

Lucky? The people around were not fools. All those six knives hit Harvey with their hilts. Obviously, that was no coincidence. Besides, Harvey was the commander of the team. If he was not an opponent of Jack, who would dare to challenge Jack?

“You are really amazing! Let’s go, I don’t think they are your match. I will take you to meet my father, my grandfather, and my elder brother! After seeing them, I will arrange your accommodation. Of course, if you have no plans in the afternoon, you can pick your wife up from work. If you have something, you are free to go out anytime. You can rest at the Drake Residence as well. You can live in any place as you wish!” Tanya smiled faintly and then walked toward inside with Jack.

Those bodyguards were exchanging looks. They were again, dumbfounded.

“Did I hear it right? Did she just say that he could just get off work anytime he wants?”

“Yes, and he doesn’t need to live in Drake Residence. He could just come over and have a look at any time.”

The bodyguards were completely stunned. This guy was paid with a salary of twenty million dollars and yet he gets to enjoy the most freedom among them. Who the hell was that? The leader of the Drakes was too kind to him.

“Grandpa, Father, Brother, this is Jack White!”

Tanya brought Jack to meet Old Master Drake and the others and introduced him to her family with a smile on her face.

“So, you are Jack White?” Timothy Drake looked at Jack, then frowned and asked, “Why didn’t you put on something more decent on your first day working at the Drake Residence?”

Jack replied casually to the question. “In my opinion, these clothes are fine. Clothes are like human hearts. It is of utmost importance to maintain its cleanliness. As long as one has a clean heart, everything would appear clean in one’s eyes!”

“You…” Timothy was infuriated. The b*stard was obviously mocking him, was he not?

He was paid to be their bodyguard so they were his boss. How could he talk to him with such an attitude?

“You’re right!” Before Timothy could finish his sentence, Old Master Drake was seen nodding in agreement at the side. “I have made it to this day with a poor and hard past. When I was young, all I wore was stitched and patched up clothes, but one thing for sure, I kept my clothes clean. It reflects the attainment of a person!”

Timothy was forced to hold his tongue, so he felt a little unhappy.

“Jack, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. You are welcome to join our Drake Family! Don’t hesitate to tell us whatever you need in the future!”

What made him even more speechless was that his father by his side was also talking very politely to Jack.

However, after Timothy thought about it, he found a way to tease Jack.

He smiled faintly and said, “Jack, this is how we run here. The Drake Family has a rule that whenever we have a new recruit, he should battle with one of our bodyguards to show us his strength. This would help us to understand how skillful he is!”

Having said that, he crafted his words to sound subtle. “Don’t be offended. This is not against you. We have always been choosing our bodyguards like this. Although my sister has promised to let you work for us, I feel like we should still walk through the procedure. Otherwise, I am afraid that some bodyguards will not be convinced after knowing your pay scale!”

Jack became dazed for a moment before replying indifferently. “Just bring anyone that is still not convinced. Since this is the rule of the Drake Family, then I should indeed go by the rules!”

Timothy was delighted that Jack agreed to his suggestion so easily. “That’s good, so I’ll go and get someone to battle with you. How about that?”

Jack nodded, turned around, and walked toward the door.

James was going to say something about his son’s rude behavior. He had reminded his son repeatedly that Jack had quite a high status; he was a good friend of the God of War. To please Jack was to please the God of War.

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