No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0098

After Sonya left, Selena leaned back on her chair and frowned. “It seems that this supervisor is very unhappy with me. Moreover, she is also forcing me to treat them. If I don’t agree, she will probably b*tch about me being stingy and refusing to take them out after becoming a manager! Forget it, fortunately, Jack gave me nine hundred thousand dollars yesterday and my mom gave me a hundred thousand dollars. That should be enough for a meal, right?” Selena smiled bitterly and was no longer brooding over it.

At that same time, a man in his fifties from the Taylor family returned with excitement. He immediately summoned the Old Master Taylor and the other members of the Taylor family

“Uncle Timmy, what’s the matter?”

Ivan quipped lazily while studying the man in front of him.

He was in a terrible mood that day. He was planning for a celebration at the hotel yesterday and to show off his achievement to Selena and the others, but it turned out to be a disaster. Unexpectedly, he ended up abashed. After recovering from his hangover, he realized that Miss Tanya was blind to have hired trash like Jack to be the Drake family’s bodyguard. He was paid a twenty million monthly salary. Besides, he was shocked that even Selena landed a job with Drake family. Miss Tanya introduced her to be Procurement Manager.

“There are two things, one is about Jack and the other is about Selena! I have bad news Jack, and good news about Selena! Which one do you want to hear first?” Timmy grinned and asked.

“Let’s listen to the bad news first!” Theodore answered after a moment of silence.

Then, Timmy continued. “Someone from our company happened to pass by the Drake Residence today. Guess what he saw?”

Old Master Taylor was upset, he complained coldly. “Why do you keep asking us to guess? Just say it, don’t be mysterious about it!”

Timmy pouted his lips before saying, “He saw Jack arriving at the Drake Residence on his electric scooter. But the point is that Jack ended up in a fight!”

While talking, Timmy took out his phone, launched the WeChat app, and then clicked on a video that was sent to him. “Look, this was taken by the employee. Tsk…tsk…No one allowed him into the house but he insisted on entering. In the end, several bodyguards who guarded the gate were knocked down!”

“Really!” Ivan looked at him and was ecstatic. He pretended to say, “It’s strange, isn’t he going to work? Why won’t they let him in?”

Cecelia did not even think about it. She took a step forward and said, “Do you still need to talk about it? You didn’t see his lofty attitude yesterday. He was so arrogant, acting as if Miss Tanya begged him to be a bodyguard. Don’t mention how arrogant, it seems that Miss Tanya asked him to be a bodyguard. He demanded a minimum salary of twenty million dollars a month. He agreed because the Drake Family gave a job to his sister. In this case, do you think Miss Tanya would agree? Did she agree to it?”

Speaking of that, Cecelia paused before continuing. “Miss Tanya was just teasing him. She was just having fun with him so that he would go in today and end up in a mess.”

Ivan nodded immediately. “It’s just that the other party did not expect that Jack would hit their bodyguards. He is in for the trouble big time.”

“Oh, dear!” Timmy slapped his thigh. “So that was bad news. We also said yesterday that he was the son-in-law of the Taylor family. I was thinking about getting closer to the Drake family… Will this hurt our family?”

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