No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0101

After Sonia made the announcement, she went straight to the corridor outside and made the call. Another female employee who had a good relationship with her came up to her after she hung up the call.

“Supervisor, you have been working hard for the Drake family for several years. How could they not give you credit for your hard work? Shouldn’t you be promoted to a manager already? The company had a vacancy for the Procurement Manager, but that was not a good enough reason to make Selena one, right?” The female employee remarked after she joined Sonia.

Sonia was very angry as the employee had just spoken what was on her mind. Her face turned ugly because of the rage that was boiling within her.

She tried her very best to force a smile. “Sigh, well, she is very capable and she was recruited by Miss Tanya. The General Manager said that she was appointed by Miss Tanya personally. Besides, Selena was already showing her ability as a strong career lady back then when she was part of the Taylor family!”

“F*ck it. I heard that she was kicked out of the Taylor family five years ago. Someone saw her picking up trash to sell. I don’t know what made Miss Tanya see her.”

The employee was also angry. “Think about it, you have spent your youth for this company. If the woman hadn’t appeared out of nowhere suddenly, you would have been made the manager! Even if she were to join the company, she should start as a supervisor and you as the manager!”

Sonia bit her teeth and mocked. “Huh, let’s see how long she can remain in this position. If she doesn’t do well, she will have to be dismissed sooner or later!”

Having said that, she looked around and then whispered to the female employee. “Felicia, let me tell you this. The manager told me to help her arrange for dinner tonight. She probably just wanted me to inform everyone about the dinner this evening!”

Felicia was not stupid. She exclaimed immediately. “So, she did not say that we are going to that hotel?”

“Well, she didn’t say that she would treat us to the karaoke either but she was to be blamed for giving a vague instruction. I assume she told me to arrange for everything, including making the appointment at the hotel!”

Sonia gave an insouciant shrug and then smirked. “Huh, since you knew that she was kicked out of the Taylor family before, and some people even saw her picking up trash to sell, she must not have a lot of money. Perhaps she might have difficulties forking out one thousand dollars. The private room that I have made a booking for has a minimum spending of two hundred thousand dollars. I want her to make her a fool of herself in front of everyone.”

Felicia gasped and yelped in surprise. “You, aren’t you taking it too far? That’s a lot of money. What will happen if she gets angry before we even start singing? Will you be in trouble? Besides, she might not turn up at all if she knew how expensive it is!”

“if she doesn’t turn up, she would be abashed. Dozens of colleagues are watching her. Moreover, I told everyone just now that she wanted to go to the best hotel. If we end up eating at some cheap roadside stalls, our colleagues will be disappointed. Do you think they will work hard for her in the future? Furthermore, she can’t put the blame on me. If she does, I will blame her instead for not giving clear instructions. All she said to me was to make the arrangements for me!”

Sonia smiled derisively. “If she embarrasses herself on the first day at work and makes the employees in the company unhappy and dissatisfied with her, there will be conflicts in the future. Also, I, the supervisor, do not cooperate well with her. In that case, she might have to vacate her position within a month!”

“Supervisor, don’t worry. I will be on your side! I will speak up for you!” After that, Felicia asked, “By the way, supervisor, I heard that this new manager is being paid a high salary!”

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