No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0102

“Very high? Isn’t it the same as the previous manager? Did she not get a monthly salary of one hundred thousand dollars? Added with various subsidies, she probably gets a total of one hundred and seventy thousand dollars, no?” Sonia frowned. She was slightly surprised.

“I heard that it’s not the same. If I am not mistaken, her salary is one million dollars a month with a year-end bonus!” The female employee called Felicia said, “I don’t know why she gets such a high salary. This is outrageous, don’t you think so? I can understand if she is a relative of the Drake family, but she is not! I think it is good enough for her to be appointed as the manager. There is no need to pay her such a high salary!”

Sonia was nervous just thinking about it. If she became the manager, would she be paid with such a high salary? She was a distant relative of the Drake family, after all. The thought of her being made the manager had Selena not joined the company circulated her mind. She was not able to stay calm the entire afternoon. Soon, it was time to get off work. Selena, too, walked out of the office.

“Everyone, today is my first day at work in the company. In order to forge our friendship, I have planned to take everyone out for dinner tonight. Has supervisor Sonia notified everyone?” Selena asked cheerfully after walking out of the door.

There were not many employees, around twenty to thirty people. She estimated that it would cost her several thousand dollars at least. Although that was distressing for Selena, who had been in poverty for five years, she thought it was no big deal when she was reminded of her monthly income of a million dollars.

“Thank you, manager. You are so kind to us. I have never been to a six-star hotel in my life!”

A female employee who was extremely excited, said, “Unexpectedly, I have given my first time to the manager!”

“Alas! You have a kid already. How could this be your first time?” A male employee next to her joked.

“I meant the first time to a six-star hotel. What a dirty mind you have. Besides, the manager is not a man!”

The female employee grinned and said, “I am excited just thinking about going for a karaoke session at the high-end KTV after dinner!”

“Six-star hotel? High-end KTV?” Selena furrowed her brows upon hearing that. She told Sonya to inform everyone to leave work early instead of working overtime.

However, it seemed that Sonya had taken it upon herself to tell everyone about the extravagant night out.

“Yes, didn’t you let the supervisor inform everyone about it?”

An older employee with slightly grey hair frowned. “No?”

Sonia, who was by the side, smirked. She was eager to see how Selena wanted to do about it.

If she claimed that it was a mistake, everyone would be left disappointed and even feel that Selena pulled a trick on them. They would not cooperate well with her in the future at work. Besides, that would be her first impression for everyone. The first impression had always been important. Selena was not naive. She shot a side glance at Sonia and she knew what was going on. It seemed that someone was not very happy about her being the manager.

“Is the private room booked?” Selena asked the other party quizzically.

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