No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0104

Selena plodded out of the company after the others had left, a sour expression on her face all the while. She only had 100,000 dollars with her, but the dinner and karaoke could easily cost her over 300,000. She felt the pinch on her. However, Selena had no other choice. Had she allowed Sonia to succeed, she would have a miserable time at the company in the future. Besides, even if it cost a lot of money, she was paid quite a hefty salary. As long as she drew her first salary, she would be lifted from the tight financial situation. She could not think of a better solution after mulling over the thought for a while, so she decided to call Fiona.

Jack had taken out a million dollars before, after all, and there were roughly 800,000 with Fiona. She could only take some of it from Fiona first to settle the matter.

“Ma…” Selena called out softly once Fiona answered the call.

“Selena, how are you at work?” Fiona asked anxiously without waiting for Selena to talk more. “Selena, let me tell you that we have decided that it is best if you divorce Jack. The sooner the better. Perhaps you should take some time off tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to finalize the divorce papers. Otherwise, this hothead guy would cause us a lot of trouble…”

Selena was speechless for a while. “Ma, don’t tell me this. I won’t divorce him. Even if he can’t fork out 30 million on Grandpa’s 70th birthday or offer us any gift, I’ll still stay with him!”

“You… Why are you so disobedient? We had become like this today because you didn’t listen to your grandpa and us. If you had aborted the child, we wouldn’t have ended up like this. Why did I give birth to such an unfilial daughter? What a miserable life…” Fiona grumbled continuously on the other end of the phone.

Selena was at a loss of words. As she did not want to dwell on the matter any longer, she decided to be straightforward. “I called you because there’s an emergency, Ma, and I need money. Can you transfer 300,000 to me now?”

“300,000?” As soon as money was mentioned, Fiona’s voice instantly rose by several octaves. “Why do you need so much money?” she sputtered. “Aren’t you working there to make money? What’s the money for? Don’t tell me that silly Jack hit someone’s luxury car with his electric scooter!”

Selena was speechless again; she was dumbfounded at her mother’s ridiculous imagination. “Ma, what nonsense are you talking about here?” she spoke, a bitter smile on her face. “Just transfer me the money. I need it really fast. It’s my first day at work and I’m appointed as the manager, so I’m taking the staff in my department out for a meal!”

“Why do you need that much just for a meal? How many people are there in your department? Why do you need that much money? Don’t you have 100,000 at hand? Isn’t that enough?”

“You must be hiding something from me, right? Jack must be in trouble again. Did someone ask him to pay up? Tell your mother honestly. What’s going on…” Fiona kept rambling on the other end of the line.

Selena was so angry that she curtly replied, “Ma, can you just transfer it to me now? I’ll pay you back once I get paid. I’ll give you 100,000 more, alright? Just think of it like I’m borrowing it from you, okay?”

“But how do I transfer it? Jack gave me cash, and I haven’t deposited it in the bank yet. Besides, if you don’t tell me exactly what you’re going to do with it, I won’t give it to you!”

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