No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0106

Selena’s mouth curled up into a smile as she sat on Jack’s electric scooter. She had waited for five years for him to come back. He was the first to appear before her when she was going through the most difficult, helpless time of her life. With the sweet thoughts dancing in her mind, she held the ice cream with one hand and her free arm wrapped around Jack’s waist deliberately.

Her blush seared through her cheeks. To hide that she was doing that deliberately, she coquettishly spoke, “Drive slowly. You’re scaring me!”

Jack peeped down at her jade-like white hand; he felt a sense of happiness. He thought they were moving very slow already.

Soon, the two arrived at a bank’s entrance. Jack then parked his scooter on the road shoulder.

“Let’s go there and buy a big duffel bag. Two million in cash is a lot. If you don’t buy a big bag, I’m afraid you can’t hold it all!”

Jack smiled and crossed the road together with Selena.

“You… Are you really able to withdraw two million in cash?” Selena looked uneasy; she was not convinced. It seemed as though Jack might have contributed more than once in the army. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to be given three or four million as his bonus.

“If I weren’t so afraid of attracting too much to mention, I can take out a million for you!” He grinned cheekily at Selena.

“A million? You must be joking!” Selena was not sure whether she should cry or laugh at his joke. This guy had gotten better and better in bragging.

“Boss, I want to buy a bag!” Jack called out as they entered a small grocery store next to the bank.

“Oh yeah, I want a big one!” The owner of the grocery store was a middle-aged woman. After she studied both Jack and Selena, she stated, “You’re buying it to keep clothes, aren’t you? Are you planning to go to work? If you don’t have many clothes, this should be enough.”

Jack frowned at the bag. “I have no idea how much is two million in cash,” he spoke. “I don’t think this is enough, so let’s just get a larger one!”

“Young man, do you need to brag when you buy this kind of bag? Young people nowadays are really humorous!”

The middle-aged woman chuckled and turned to Selena. “Young lady, I want to tell you that a young man like him who likes to brag isn’t very reliable. You have to think carefully. Getting married is a big decision to make!”

Jack’s face turned dark. Why did he think the woman was a little too nosy for her own good?

Selena could not hold her laughter after she heard that. “Sister, it’s too late. Our kid is already running around. Otherwise, I’d consider choosing a better husband!”

Jack smirked when he heard the conversation. “Oh, I see. You sure you want to choose? Believe it or not, I’ll spank you when we get home!”

“Move along. Take this and go put some money in it. I’m older than you, but I’ve yet to get married. You said your kid is already running around, too. What have I done to deserve this humiliation in broad daylight?” The middle-aged woman seemed to be slightly over her thirties. She gave a large bag with floral patterns that workers often use to Jack. “Take this for your cash. I think this must be big enough!”

“How much is it? Forget it, I’ll give you a hundred. Keep the change to comfort your wounded heart!” Jack thought that the woman was funny, so he threw a hundred in cash to her before turning around with Selena and left the store.

“You’re really generous!” Selena did not know how to react. “I used to take Kylie out to pick up some trash. We couldn’t even make a hundred a day!”

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