No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0107

Hearing that, Jack’s heart quivered. He stopped at the bank’s entrance and reached out to caress Selena’s pretty face. “Don’t worry. I’m back now, and you’ll never suffer anymore. Anyway, your husband is now someone with social status. I’m also earning 20 million dollars a month now, right?”

Selena’s heart was filled with warmth, and a warm smile graced her lips. “It seems that Miss Tanya didn’t lie to you. You really got the job!”

“Yes. They had also arranged a room in the villa for me. I can live there if I want to, but I think it’s more comfortable to sleep in a room with my wife!” Jack smiled as he studied the woman before him. Through her, he realized that the world was so beautiful.

He would be responsible for her life from then on!

“What are you doing here with a big flowery bag? Are you going in there to pick up the mineral water bottle? Get out of the way!”

A man who was wearing a gold necklace came over. After that, his eyes traveled down the fair legs under Selena’s professional work skirt. He exclaimed lecherously. “Tsk, tsk! This woman is pretty good-looking. How come a trash-picker can find such a beautiful wife?”

Jack gave the guy a cold stare and took Selena straight to the bank.

The man also walked into the bank with a wide smile.

Inside, there were already people standing in lines. Many were sitting on chairs, waiting for their turn.

“There are too many people here. I don’t know how long it’ll take to withdraw the money!” Selena sighed helplessly at the sight of the big crowd.

“It’ll be fast!” Jack reassured her.

A female employee at the counter saw Jack coming. She went up to him with a huge grin and enthusiastically ushered, “Oh, Mr. White, you’re here again? Come, come, let’s go into the VIP room. You and your girlfriend can take a rest there. I’ll be serving you immediately!”

“Wait, he’s just a trash picker. Why are you serving someone like him? What’s going on in your bank? You should be serving me instead. I’m here to take out a hundred thousand!” The fat guy wearing the gold necklace patted his beer belly and rose his chin slightly, looking all arrogant.

“I’m the manager here. Even if you’re a VIP, it isn’t my responsibility as a manager to serve you!” The woman’s face turned cold. “This brother is our VIP customer; a super VIP who withdrew a million the last time he was here!”

“You weren’t that friendly when I came here the other day,” Jack calmly interjected.

“Hey, it was a misunderstanding. I didn’t expect you to be so rich. Do you really want to withdraw 1 million?”

The female manager was flattered. “Dear customer, how much are you taking out this time?” she asked Jack respectfully.

Jack looked at the bag he was holding. “This bag should be able to hold 2 million in cash, right? I’ll withdraw 2 million dollars!”

The man next to him was dumbfounded. Someone that could take out 2 million in cash must be a rich second generation.

“Oh, but of course. Please come this way!” The female manager led the way.

“By the way, I have to correct you. This isn’t my girlfriend; she’s my wife!” Jack was surprised at the treatment he received. Then, he introduced Selena to the manager.

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