No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0108


The manager was considered a beautiful woman with an attractive figure. To have heard Jack’s clarification, she was stunned momentarily. She eyed Selena, green with envy. “This young lady is really lucky to have married such a handsome and rich man. You have nothing to worry about for the rest of your life!”

She had hoped for a chance to have a relationship with Jack. After all, it was the first time she met such a wealthy man.

The instant she met Selena, however, she felt inferior on the spot. The woman who stood before her was much better than her, appearance and temperance-wise.

Once she led Jack and Selena into a private room, the manager went to make a cup of coffee for them both before helping them with their business.

After a while, a large amount of cash was sent to Jack under the escort of two security guards.

“Help me put them in this bag!” Jack said with a faint smile.

The two security guards were flabbergasted at the sight of the flowery bag. Such an ordinary flowery bag many wage earners used was given to them to stash away the two million cash. Indeed, rich people were one-of-a-kind and hard to understand.

“You really took two million out!”

Selena tried lifting the flowery bag in front of her. It felt quite heavy.

After the couple went out, they quickly hopped on the scooter and rode away to the hotel.

“Are there really two million dollars in there?”

Looking at the seemingly heavy bag on the electric scooter, the woman who sold the bag to them opened her mouth wide in surprise. She wondered if what she saw was correct.

She had seen the couple going into the bank next door with the empty bag, but when they appeared again, the bag was full and heavy.

She ran to one of the security guards and asked, “Brother, were the two people who walked out just now carrying money in the bag?”

The security guard rolled his eyes. “Are you talking nonsense? If they’re not here to withdraw money, do you think they’re here to collect trash?”

“My goodness. It’s unbelievable! I can’t imagine a man who dressed so casually on his electric scooter is so rich!”

The woman swallowed a big gulp of saliva. She began to doubt her judgment.

Since it was still early, Jack took Selena somewhere for a drink. They spent some time together, chatting, before heading toward the hotel.

At the plaza outside the hotel, more than 20 employees of the procurement department stood waiting.

All the female employees put effort into dressing up as it was their first time patronizing such a high-end place. They were very excited; some were sexy, and some were dressed as though they were going to a ballroom party.

“Why hasn’t the manager arrived? I’m famished!” A female employee mumbled after waiting for a while.

Felicia checked the time. She frowned and went up to Sonia. “Supervisor, how come Selena isn’t here yet? Maybe she’s not coming because she has no money?”

Sonia was taken aback after hearing Felicia, but she was pleased. “Oh, well. I’ve booked this hotel to embarrass her. She must be terribly upset and has decided to stand us up!”

“Hey, if this is the case, it’d be good for us!”

Felicia laughed. “Everyone put effort into dressing up for dinner. They’d be pissed if they find out Selena stood us up.”

“Pfft! I thought she was so smart and rich. It turned out that she was just pulling our legs. Stupid woman!”

“I’d love to see how she handles work in the future!”

Sonya snorted coldly as her eyes gleamed with triumph.

All of a sudden, a male employee spoke aloud: “Oh, she’s here. The manager’s here!”

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