No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0110

“You… Why did you say that to me? What’s the matter with you? How low of you to do that!” Sonia was so angry that her chest was heaving. She did not expect a comeback from Jack.

She was a distant relative of the Drake Family. Everyone in the company knew that. That was the reason why no one in the company dared to offend her. Even the previous manager had to give her face and asked her opinions for many decisions. In her opinion, Jack was just a lousy soldier, so he was not qualified to talk to her like that.

“Oh, sorry, I’m just like you. I didn’t study much, and I’m just a boorish man. I thought I was praising you!” Jack gave an insouciant shrug as he defended himself.

Many employees chuckled when they heard their exchange. That guy was smart and witty with his words.

“You…” Sonia was so angry that her face turned blue, yet she was at a loss of words to retaliate. She could only cross her arms across her chest and glanced at the bag in Jack’s hand. “Why do you bring such an ugly bag if you’re here to eat? This is a six-star hotel, the best hotel in Eastfield. Don’t you feel ashamed to go in like this?”

Jack looked down at the bag in his hand. “If it’s embarrassing to carry such a large sack of cash, wouldn’t it be even more embarrassing if you walk in empty-handed?”

“My goodness. Is this for real? Is it all cash in there?” A male employee was wide-eyed upon hearing Jack.

Everyone gasped. If it was cash in the bag, would it be a few million worth of cash in the bag? What a haughty look! That was an act of a tycoon.

“He was right. It’s all money in here!” Sonia mocked. “If I’m not wrong, it’s the money from gathering trash you two had done before. Do you plan to go sell it after dinner? If that’s the case, I’m convinced that it’s money. Maybe ten or twenty dollars worth?”

Sonia paused before turning to Selena. “Manager, your husband is really good at cracking jokes!” she contemptuously added.

Selena wore a smug look. “Supervisor, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but there’s real money in my husband’s bag,” she retorted. “We had nothing to carry the cash with, so we bought a bag. We’ll use the leftover money to play a game with everyone later!”

“No way. Your husband is a soldier! How can he be rich?” Sonia said dubiously. She studied the bag carefully and tried to trace the outline of the contents. The outline looked neat and did not resemble bottles or cans.

“A soldier can’t have money? You’ve got long hair, but you’re surely short of knowledge!” Jack smiled as he glanced around at the crowd. “Let’s go in first. Which private room did you book? Have you ordered the dishes?”

“The private room isn’t expensive; the minimum spending is only 200,000. Mr. White, do you think it’s appropriate?” Sonia deliberately increased her tone when she mentioned the price range. She had her apricot eyes locked on Jack’s face, not wanting to miss his expression.

To her disappointment, Jack was unruffled. “It’s okay! Let’s go!” Jack slung the bag over his shoulder and led the way into the hotel.

“Let’s go!”

Selena thought it was funny how Jack walked. He looked like a farmworker who was on his way to work. Unexpectedly, just as Jack was about to step into the hotel, two security officers came right up to him.

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