No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0111

“Mister, are you looking for someone?” One of the guards asked with a strange expression.

“Mister, this is the Dynasty Hotel, the best hotel in Eastfield. Only the noble and rich patronize this place!” The other security guard was not as polite. “If you’re here to pick up trash, then I’m afraid it won’t work. This isn’t the place to do that!”

Jack burst out laughing. “How ridiculous! I’m here for dinner, of course!”

Then, his face instantly went dark. “Get out of my way!”

His being emitted a terrifying aura, and the two security guards were scared witless. They stumbled several steps backward.

“Can you even afford to dine here?” A man, who happened to be passing by, asked scornfully. “Poor and rude are the words for people like you!”

After throwing the remark, the rich second generation turned to the two security guards and said, “You two, it’s better to send him away. People with status like us don’t want to dine with such a lowly person. He even came in with a woven bag! Wouldn’t it be degrading for the hotel to let him in?”

The two security guards were petrified by Jack. However, after hearing from the man, they felt that he made sense.

Therefore, one of them stepped forward and said, “Mister, how about you go somewhere else? Your clothes are indeed—”

“What is it about my clothes? Believe it or not, I’ll whack you if you keep talking nonsense!” Jack’s face sank.

“Tsk. He truly is a dangerous and uncultured person!” scoffed the man. “Do you think people who can afford to run this hotel are afraid of you? If you dare to make a scene here today, you’ll be in trouble!”

Selena knew Jack had a bad temper. She was afraid that he would start a fight, so she immediately pulled Jack aside. “Forget it, don’t fight with them!”

Selena then turned to the two security guards. “You two, we’ve booked a private room,” she stated. “We made a booking for the private room 508! I’m a manager of the Drake Dynasty Real Estate under the Drake Group! Don’t worry. We have money to dine here!”

As soon as the rich second generation heard her, he gasped in awe. “You…are you from the Drake Dynasty Real Estate? A manager? Which department are you from?”

The rich second generation was a young master from a third-class aristocratic family similar to the Taylor Family. He happened to be in the building materials business.

He was excited after hearing Selena’s introduction.

“What’s wrong? I’m from the procurement department,” Selena answered.

The other party’s eyes lit up even brighter. “I heard that Drake Dynasty Real Estate took up a piece of land in South City and is planning to build a South City residential community. That happens to be a high-end residential area, right?”

“You’re well informed!” Selena answered with a light chuckle.

“Does this have anything to do with us going in for dinner, though?” she added. “Excuse me, gentleman, but we’re going in for dinner!”

“Of course it matters!” The man was in ecstasy. He took out his business card in a hurry. “I’m from Union Building Materials. I’m the young master of the Logan Family. Our family is in the building materials business. Beautiful manager, please take my business card. I’ll pay for your meal tonight!”

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