No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0115

Jack maintained his indifferent expression. He was tirelessly serving Selena her favorite dish. The other employees were all wide-eyed because it did not look like Jack was lying. At the same time, everyone knew Sonia was related to the Drake family. Otherwise, based on Sonia’s ability, it would be difficult for her to stay in this position for years.

“It doesn’t matter, because I still think you’re lying! It’s okay if the salary is low, we won’t laugh at you. After all, you are our manager’s husband, aren’t you? If the manager doesn’t mind, we won’t mind!” Sonia mocked, again.

“You’re right, my wife doesn’t mind my salary. Why are you talking so much?” Jack was a little upset. He was fine if others ridiculed him but they had always turned their battle towards Selena. Selena had been through a lot for five years for him; he wanted his wife to feel wronged no more.

He pointed at the dishes on the table in front of him. “You’ve ordered a lot of dishes, yet they can’t even stop you from babbling?”

“You—” Sonia stood up with anger. How she wished she could walk over and slap Jack immediately.

However, Jack was not working under her. He was Selena’s husband, and Selena was her direct boss.

“Why don’t you prove it to me that you have the ability? Otherwise, you’re just lying!” Finally, Sonia suppressed the anger in her heart and sat back on the chair.

“What will you do if I could prove it? Kneel down and apologize to me?” Jack commented when he saw the opponent’s unconvinced look.

“Yes. You can prove it to me and let me see what kind of bodyguard can earn 20 million dollars a month!” Sonia was unhappy in the beginning, but she was already starting to feel so irritated by Jack.

She stood up again and crossed her arms over her chest. “I’ll give you ten minutes. If you can’t prove that your monthly salary is 20 million, what should I do about it?”

Jack, carefully thinking, then replied, “How about I let you slap my face?”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it!” Sonia agreed right away and watched the time.

“Then it’s time I’ll show you now!”

As she remembered something, she then turned to Selena. “By the way, you’re the manager. This is a personal bet between your husband and I, so you shouldn’t embarrass me in the future because of this. After all, it has nothing to do with work!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t get you in trouble because of this kind of thing!” Selena smiled. Pompous Sonia did not give face to the manager at all. Besides, Selena would be footing her bill that night. It was exhilarating to wait and watch.

“That’s good. We’re waiting for a good show!” Sonia smiled confidently.

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